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Deftones’ Chi Cheng Diagnosed With Pneumonia, In ICU

Ailing Deftones bassist Chi Cheng‘s health has taken a turn for the worse. Following a fan-funded return home from New Jersey, Cheng—who has most recently been in a partially conscious state following a 2008 car accident—has been diagnosed with pneumonia.

Some postings by his family made today via have shed some insight on his condition, including:

“SHOUT OUT TO CHI‘S WORLDWIDE FAMILY-PRAYER REQUEST-he just got back home last night from NJ and is in ER with SOMETHING serious going on. Pneumonia and don’t know what else. Not good! Please send the word again to PRAY HARD. Thank you all! onelove…”

chi is in ICU on 3 antibiotics for pneumonia. blood pressure and oxygen are both low. please send healing.

one love for chi,

P.O.D. frontman Sonny Sandoval has also checked in with an update on Cheng via Twitter:

“Spoke with Chi‘s mom. He really needs our prayers. He’s in ICU and still fighting. Gods will be done! @POD @thewhosoevers ?#prayhard”


  • Dixon Cider


  • scorpions

    This is pretty fucked up. Hang in there big dawg!!!

  • BloodyBoneKummer

    My prayers are with you homie, we’re all pulling for you!

  • jampola

    We just lost one of our co-workers to pneumonia 2 weeks ago. It’s a cunt of a thing to have and even tougher to get rid of. With the amount of shit Chi’s gone through, I have nothing but confidence that the dude can get through it.

    I’m not a religious person but goddamn all of my best thoughts are with you man. Shitty news.

  • divine

    u’ve a place under my heart don’t forget it


    Shitty news. I don’t even care if Chi never plays another note with the ‘Tones again, so long as he’s able to pull through all of this and function as a human being again.

  • LunyAlex

    Life’s really throwing a lot of shit at this guy.
    Still, he’s proven himself to be quite the fighter.
    Strongly hope he pulls through.

  • wearesorta138

    Sending the postive vibes out. Keep fighting.

  • Pank On Da Inside

    Awww naw hell naw! Why did it have to be Chi?! Why couldn’t it been dat nigga Chingy?!

  • star_AD

    Wow this is really sad to hear. I’m sending out the love to our boy, he will beat this!

  • Sick Icarus

    Doesn’t ever seem to get a break…fuck. Well good vibes and best hopes launched from this here satellite!! Get better big guy!

  • Ska_Mitzvah

    Keep pulling through, Chi!

  • BlueBalls

    Chi has fought this off plenty of times before and during times when his body was much weaker than it is now. I’m confident he’ll pull through. I just hope this crap stops eventually so his body can focus on recovery, rather than fighting off infection. Stay strong Chi.

  • adamonfire

    I wish him the best, but also know that if I were in the position he is in I would’ve expected my family to pull the plug a long time ago (and plan to make this a part of any will/”living” will).

  • rreddrop

    God just wants him to die

    • Lifeseclipse

      Wook, do us a favor and accidentally leak ^ this guy’s IP. Thanks.

      • BlueBalls

        and anyone else that “liked this” on the facebook post too.


      We can’t know for sure that God wants Chi to die, but one thing we DO know for sure is that everyone here wants YOU to die.

    • Farts

      God doesn’t exist. Therefore, you’re just a douche.

      • WURST


      • Darkdevout

        God does exist… We have Lemmy.

      • Farts

        Thumbs down? You guys! Ugh, fml.

    • Darkdevout

      If God wants bass lessons he already has Cliff Burton and Paul Gray, why does he need Chi Cheng?

      • damn (your mom’s balls)

        God’s mother has balls.

  • Lifeseclipse

    I’ve been afraid to click over to PRP and find worse news all day. Next time I see Pneumonia, I’m gonna punch that motherfucker in the face.

  • Darkdevout

    Hang In There Homie!!

  • mad_hiddy

    less praying and soothsaying, more science and time to take care of Chi. why the shit do we still believe in these mystic, ritualistic practices in 2012?

    • emvath

      Would you believe that not everyone has the same beliefs as you do? They just want some positive thoughts and vibes out there to help them through a tough situation. Quit shitting on everyone else’s best wishes.

      • mad_hiddy

        it has nothing to do with my beliefs. it has to do with production. being PRODUCTIVE. All this religious crap does is bend false hope, and creates a society of people willing to sacrifice true means of healing over a productive means of healing. They took him out of the hospital with their “prayers”, and now look what’s happened. Tisk tisk. Shame on our feeble minds.

      • BlueBalls

        “They took him out of the hospital with their prayers”

        You can’t honestly believe prayers were the reason Chi went home. It couldn’t have possibly been approved by his doctors, right? Do you have any idea how much it costs to keep someone in a hospital bed? If he’s stable, there’s no need to keep him in the hospital and add to his family’s financial woes.

        Knowing that people out there are praying for Chi gives his family comfort during a horrible situation that is beyond their control. Sounds pretty productive to me.

    • BlueBalls

      Based on the many times I’ve visited, I know that Chi’s family appreciates the prayers, positive energy…or whatever. Even if you don’t believe in the spiritual value, you can’t deny it’s psychological value.

      Either way, science on God are not mutually exclusive (unless you’re a conservative Christian and insist on believing in a literal interpretation of the Book of Genesis).

    • schuler

      I don’t believe any of it. But I’m definitely not the type of piece of shit to begrudge another human being of whatever victimless action helps put them at ease. Belief is a scary and powerful thing. Just because I don’t have it doesn’t mean I don’t sometimes wish I did. Let them do what they wanna do, man. He’s in a fuckin’ hospital, so the science end is covered.

    • Farts

      Agreed. Two hands working can do more than a thousand clasped in prayer. I get why people believe in god, I used to.

  • ocillotist

    warmth-love-healing-energy to you brother…

  • coolguy2424

    Hold on man. You’ve got many more laps around the sun left in you. Peace.

  • MetalMusicAddict

    The positive guy in me wishes Chi all the best. But, the realist in me has seen too many folks in critical care already, get pneumonia and fail under the weight of it all. :( It’s a hard fight.

    Really, Chi, much love to you and your family.

    • WURST

      Sadly, that’s pretty much the cycle and how pneumonia works.

  • schuler

    Hoping for the best. Lifelong Deftones fan, fan of good people getting good karma.

  • MyDarkPassenger

    What did POD guy mean by “Gods will be done”?

  • Farts

    Chi, as your name ironically shines, may you remain properly nourished, hydrated and medicated by the current overseer(s) of your unfortunate and either random or consequential medical state. Let us hope that the doctors are properly trained and actually give a damn about your well-being(and not just their six figure income). Knowing that science has proven, on several occasions, that your attitude and willingness to overcome often(but not always) aids in increasing the likelihood of your recovery

    If there is anything I can do for you or your family; walk the dog, donate, volunteer or look after your large and medicinal quality marijuana stash…for the love of horus, don’t hesitate to ask!

    • damn (your mom’s balls)

      Yours truly,


  • cma3585

    Leave it to the atheists, not Christians, to jump on that high horse and disrupt what was a civil and thoughtful thread regarding the well-being of Chi. I’m not a huge Deftones fan like many here but I pray (yes, pray) that he pulls through. We can all thank science for getting him to this point. If a few more people, including his family, who need it the most (unlike you fellas), find solace in prayers from around the world, either disregard or at the bare minimum, don’t question their motives.

    • Farts

      Leave it to the atheists? Right, because they are the ones throughout history that have caused the most trouble (see the crusades, the holocaust and 911 to name BUT A FEW). Also, see my very thoughtful couple of paragraphs above that sent Chi my best wishes without bringing adult fairy-tails into the conversation.

      If god is all-knowing, and he has it all planned out, then wouldn’t prayer be pointless anyways? If he isn’t all knowing, doesn’t have it all planned out and can’t intervene in the first place, then why you you call him(or her or she or it) god in the first place?

      Religions and gods were made to provide answers in a time when science could not provide them. Sadly, many of us intelligent ancestors of apes can’t possibly imagine a life that doesn’t work on some good and evil based reward system. But I’ll tell you something right now, I have never felt more free than I do now KNOWING that life is mine to live and that some giant bully with a magnifying glass isn’t watching and judging my every move.

      • Farts

        If Religion hadn’t crept it’s way into politics and the lives of so many people that want nothing to do with it, then you wouldn’t have militant atheists like myself. I, for one, believe it to be a huge issue and I think that people of reason need to stop being afraid to speak their minds regarding how they feel about gods and religions. I know there are many wonderful, kind, non-judgmental people of faith(of many various religions), but they aren’t the problem. The problem is those preaching hate, those teaching these archaic stories to our children as fact and those using their beliefs for a cheap and easy win come election time.

        I truly am a person of tolerance and a “live and let live” mentality. Unfortunately, I’ve seen religion do too much harm (on top of feeling duped myself for being spoon-fed the bullshit as fact since I was a child) to passively stand by and no longer speak my mind regarding the matter.

        “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.” – Carl Sagan

      • Farts

        Apparently a lot of you dislike the truth.

      • BlueBalls

        Humans share a close common ancestor with chimps, not apes. Both humans and chimps descended from that common ancestor. Evolution is not a linear process. If you’re going to praise science, try to be accurate Mr. Farts. And as a biologist, I can promise you that no studies are being conducted to test for the existence of a god because supernatural ideas do not present testable hypotheses. I’ve had some brilliant professors that were also men of faith. Society will reach the next phase of evolution whenever we can begin to accept the fact that science and spirituality do not have to be enemies. There’s too much closed-mindedness on both sides of the spectrum.

        And before I’m labeled as a Jesus freak, I’m not affiliated with any religion and don’t believe that religion should have any influence on policy.

      • Farts

        I’m not against spirituality, I am against religion. Never once have I said a damn thing about spirituality. Fuck, quit putting words in my mouth you sons of bitches.

        My mistake, I did say Apes. <—- See, I am admitting that I was wrong. Also, I never said that evolution was linear, very few things in science are.

        I understand that believing in Heaven is comforting when considering the loss of a loved one. But lets think about it, what does that truly teach us about grieving? What if instead of filling childrens heads with fairytales regarding seeing gramma after the pearly gates of heaven, we tell them the truth and teach them to actually learn to grieve properly? Life is beautiful and that fact that people can't see life as beautiful without promises of an afterlife, to me at least, is very sad. Our universe is amazing, yet it continually gets overshadowed by the bullshit that religion PROMISES(not to mention all the evil and twisted that shit that comes along with it).

      • BlueBalls

        The spirituality comment was just me trying to summarize my own thoughts. I wasn’t referring to you, except for the apes vs. chimps comment. My apologies if it seemed like I was putting words into your mouth.

    • schuler

      The “us versus them” angle is bullshit, regardless of which “side” chooses to pick it up. Don’t say “leave it to an atheist” to do this, or “leave it to a Christian” to do that… just leave it to assholes to do asshole shit, regardless of where they spend their Sunday mornings.

      • Farts

        If only it were that simple, schuler.

      • schuler

        The choice is yours, friend.

      • Farts

        It’s gonna take a lot more than just my choice to make even a fraction of a difference. But your optimism is cute.

  • EyeOfEveryScorn

    His situation is probably the worst uphill battle anyone can endure. I definitely feel for all the family who have done a great job with helping in his recovery. It’s a tall order, but I hope he can find a way out of this mess….

  • Lifeseclipse

    I don’t believe in god one bit. But I’m not gonna get on here and start poking all the well wishers in the eye for standing beside me, hoping that a man most of us give a shit about makes it through this ordeal. Farts, Wurst, if you guys have a problem with how people wish someone well, start your own website and tell your visitors how you want it done. Some people’s kids, I tell you.

    • Farts

      Allow me to copy and paste, sir douche bag:

      Chi, as your name ironically shines, may you remain properly nourished, hydrated and medicated by the current overseer(s) of your unfortunate and either random or consequential medical state. Let us hope that the doctors are properly trained and actually give a damn about your well-being(and not just their six figure income). Knowing that science has proven, on several occasions, that your attitude and willingness to overcome often(but not always) aids in increasing the likelihood of your recovery

      If there is anything I can do for you or your family; walk the dog, donate, volunteer or look after your large and medicinal quality marijuana stash…for the love of horus, don’t hesitate to ask!

      Suck my dick, Eclipse. I said nothing towards Chi or his family. I can make fun of theists on my own time on a website that Chi will most likely NEVER see, ALL FUCKING DAY if I so wish. Some peoples absent fathers, I tell you.

      • Lifeseclipse

        …and now for the point you’re trying to make? You still took a shit on everyone’s “prayers.” Implying that they don’t mean shit. They don’t mean shit to YOU, but this isn’t about you. It’s kind of about Chi right now, so get off the soapbox. Where’s the spot in my post where I said you attacked Chi or his family. I just looked for it, and it wasn’t there. You posts are riddled with several thumbs down each, you’re clearly offending people who’ve come wish good things for Chi with your Prayers are useless attitude. Let me strengthen this with a quote from you, “God doesn’t exist. Therefore, you’re just a douche” to which your pal WURST promptly agreed. What kind of asshole shit is that? Like I said, I don’t believe in god either, but pick your battles. The ones where you don’t look like a dickhole. Attacking people praying for a sick man might be the worst pick of all.

        P.S. My dad is a cool guy.

      • Farts

        I could care a lot less about whether or not what I say on theprp gets a thumbs down. When I said “God doesn’t exist, therefore you’re a douche” I was replying to the guy that posted something along the lines of “god must just want him to die.”

  • pod4477

    I’ll be praying for you Chi. Prayer is more powerful than science could ever be, and while I do think science is important to help him, God will get it done. He definitely has fought through so much in even worse conditions. Sonny from P.O.D. probably just meant God’s will will be done, probably meaning to pull him through all this infection.

    • Farts

      Where is your evidence for your claim that “prayer is more powerful than science could ever be?” If this is the case, next time you’re sick, break a limb, get stung by a bee etc, why not bypass the doctor and have a good solid prayer session.

      When good things happen, god is good. When bad things happen, god is mysterious.

      • Farts

        I metal site full of illogical theists, who’da thunk?