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Gwar’s Oderus Urungus Trashes HELLYEAH Onstage In Buffalo, NY, Footage Available

Gwar frontman Oderus Urungus recently launched into a rant against HELLYEAH during the bands set in Buffalo, NY yesterday, April 25th. You can watch footage of the expletive-filled rant below via

HELLYEAH themselves responded to the rant via the following tweet:

“We”d like to thank Gwar”s lead singer for talking shit about us at one of their shows. Classy guy…yay you! #hellyeah”


  • adamonfire

    “Stephen Hawkings, move over!” Funny, but kinda unnecessary. I need to see these guys live soon.

    • chaovizua

      they look like a bad power rangers parody…

      • robishow

        YOU look like a bad power rangers parody.

  • Surly

    The jokes on Hell Yeah! since Oderus Urungus has always been the least classy guy in metal.

    • WURST

      Exactly. Since when have GWAR and “class” been used in the same sentence?

  • booze

    I wonder how security likes working a GWAR show and getting completely soaked with various body fluids.

    • Farts

      mmm, bodily fluids.

  • MyDarkPassenger

    This is just plain petty. Hellyeah needs to understand that they’re an abortion and stop picking on hard working innovators like Gwar. Taking the feud from a club stage to twitter? @#!superfuckingweak

    • WURST

      Whoa! I wouldn’t call them innovators. Let’s face it, there’s only one reason for their dramatic live show: their music is horrible.

  • kturl69

    GWAR isn’t even qualified to sweep the venue after a Hellyeah gig. I have major anger & hostility towards this “group” of jokes. They’re not a band, they’re a touring circus. The ONLY reason there still around is because they shoot food coloring into the crowd and wear nerf combat costumes. They have 0 talent. If it came down to me voting for Obama or GWAR in this years election than I’d vote for that worthless piece of shit Obama. That’s how much hatred I have for those GWAR faggots.

    • Fred Burst

      Jesus. Calm damn. It’s fuckin’ Gwar we’re talking about here. Get a grip.

      • robishow

        Pretty sure kturl69 is Oderus. Just classless…

      • damn (your mom’s balls)

        kturl69, you are an idiot. Hellyeah is a fucking terrible band. I’m sorry Vinny if you read this board, but your band is horrible (in my opinion). I love all you have achieved with pantera, but everyone knows that the shitty bands pantera used to tour with were the ones you selected, and the good ones were Phil’s. Clearly our musical tastes do not mesh. No problem with that.

        That said, what makes anyone think what GWAR does every night on tour is easy in any fucking way? Yes, they can be likened to a traveling circus because there is so much fucking shit going on at their shows. They are great artists and performers. They are GWAR, stop taking them so fucking seriously.

        I didn’t realize a guy by the name of Oderus Urungus could have words that carry so much weight.

    • Farts

      So, you support Romney or Paul? Or neither?

      P.S – Have you heard of Marijuana? It may help with your anger issue.

  • damn (your mom’s balls)

    GWAR > Poop > ICP

  • Darkdevout

    Megadeth > Gwar > HellYeah, Have something to say @damn (your mom’s balls) ?

    • damn (your mom’s balls)

      No I agree with you. How bout this…

      Megadeth > GWAR > Hellyeah > poop > Dave Mustaine > ICP

      • Darkdevout

        Fair enough.

  • southpawchew

    i was at this show, i laughed at this, did not think it was news worthy or prp worthy though interesting that weve had at least 3 shows sense december on here that i can think of on the top of my head, e.t.i.d. that machine head thing and this and i am not a huge gwar music fan but the show is fun the concert is killer and i personally think that they are way more talented then their music shows

  • coolguy2424

    Gwar will suck you into outer space and then turn you into interstellar dogshit.

    • Farts

      You’re cool, guy.