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Deftones To Enter The Studio Next Week, New Album Due This Fall

Some things look to have been lost in translation with the Deftones‘ recent Chilean interview. Rather than entering the studio in July, the Deftones intend to hit the studio next week to begin recording their new album. A September/October release date is being planned with additional details pending.

The revised news comes via a newly-conducted Q&A with band frontman Chino Moreno that took place earlier this week, during his time in Argentina with ††† (Crosses). You can watch Moreno confirm the news below:


  • Surly

    Looks like I’ll be finding my musical equivalent of Scarlett Johansson in September/October.

    • Farts

      Ironically, Scarlett is also quite the vocalist. Yes, she truly does work wonders with her mouth.

  • dmoe

    Looking forward to it.

  • Donnie Narco

    you know that lindsay lohan face morph video that’s been making it’s rounds online? they need to make one of chino’s constant weight gain/loss.

    • WURST

      Dude, same with Abe. That dude ballooned like a motherfucker. Slap a thick, black mustache on Chino and you have Super Mario.

    • Donnie Narco

      looks like some people are sensitive about chino’s weight.

  • southpawchew

    new deftones, between the buried and me? gonna be an awesome fall!

  • shawn

    I had to create a new account to say I’m happy to hear every answer that was given. I hope deftones never stop doing what they do. Their sound is timeless and when it comes to anything “rock”, these guys have the pick of destiny in my book.

    And crosses kicks ass too. Damn, Chino.

    • damn (your mom’s balls)

      welcome to theprp. i will now give you a thumbs down for no reason at all. That is how things go around here.

    • WURST

      ha! he put his actual photo, what a putz.

  • CaptainCream

    He seems really psyched about this which makes me that much more excited about the new Deftones album! Im gonna go rub one off to Risk now!

  • Stereotypical Evil Archer

    Awesome. Hopefully it’s at least 10 new full tracks, and 3 covers for the deluxe.

  • Afghanistam

    Surly your picture is from event horizon

    • WURST

      I’m sure he knows this.

    • Surly

      Yeah man. A great flick and always a good re-watch.

  • coolguy2424

    I like how Chino is so locked in. “Yeah, the new music is done. We will record it now in studio.” True pro speak right there.

    • changefly

      Deftones have typically moved at a snails pace, pushing albums off for years before actually completing them and releasing them. But, since Chi’s coma, it seems they are more determined and “locked in” than ever before. More purpose for their writing I suppose. Awesome.

      • coolguy2424

        I hear you there bro. This no more bullshit policy is awe inspiring. Long LIve Chi!!!!

      • WURST

        What is a Chi?

      • damn (your mom’s balls)

        Its that slit between your legs that your mom sticks her cock in, Wurst.

      • Farts

        I’m becoming ever more convinced that damn has a closet obsession with trannies.

      • damn (your mom’s balls)

        What gave ya that idea? (your mom’s balls)

      • Farts


      • WURST

        So you’re saying Chi is a pussy?

    • jampola

      Everytime I see a reply from coolguy2424, I need to go to my bedroom and quickly rub one out. Change your avatar already!