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Storm Corrosion (Opeth/Porcupine Tree) Detail Debut Album, Prep Special Edition

Storm Corrosion (Opeth & Porcupine Tree) have a rather ambitious special edition planned for their upcoming self-titled debut. The effort will see a May 08th release date with the following monstrous special edition package currently available over at

Storm Corrosion – “Storm Corrosion” (Special Edition):

“Double-LP Set:
• Limited Edition Double-LP set of the self-titled album with exclusive artwork
• 180-Gram black virgin vinyl in gatefold jacket
• Digital download of high quality Flac files of the entire album
• Autographed 12″ x 12″ poster of exclusive artwork
• 24″ x 36″ fold out poster of exclusive artwork

Track Listing
1. Drag Ropes - 9:52
2. Storm Corrosion - 10:12
3. Hag – 6:28
4. Happy – 4:53
5. Lock Howl – 6:09
6. Ljudet Innan – 10:20

• 5.1 audio mix of entire self-titled album
• 2 exclusive demo tracks
• 5 instrumental tracks
Storm Corrosion self-titled CD

CD Track List:
1. Drag Ropes 9:52
2. Storm Corrosion 10:12
3. Hag 6:28
4. Happy 4:53
5. Lock Howl 6:09
6. Ljudet Innan 10:20

Blu-Ray Track List:
1. Drag Ropes
2. Storm Corrosion
3. Hag
4. Happy
5. Lock Howl
6. Ljudet Innan
7. Drag Ropes
8. Storm Corrosion
9. Hag
10. Happy
11. Lock Howl
12. Ljudet Innan
13. Drag Ropes (demo)
14. Hag (demo)”

A more standard double LP version of the release is also up for grabs here. The cover art for “Storm Corrosion” can be found below:

Storm Corrosion - Storm Corrosion


  • allichs

    Hipster Corrosion


    Who are these faggots and who made the stupid decision to come out blazing with all these elaborate options?

    • My Farts Linger

      You don’t know who Opeth is? Porcupine Tree I can understand, but Opeth? Come on, Wurst!

      • WURST

        I know who Opeth is but THIS isnt Opeth or PT.

    • ballsofmetal

      This comment ranks in the top 5 of most epic fails in prp’s history.

  • Watson

    Can jizz cause Keyboard Corrosion?

    • booze

      Excellent deduction, my dear Watson.

  • diabsoule

    I’m glad to see Tigger made the album cover

  • cma3585

    Why are they holding preorders already before even sneaking a peak at a new track? I could either really love or really hate this.

  • coolguy2424

    Prog rock will reign supreme on this record.

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