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Soulfly Debut “World Scum” Music Video

Soulfly‘s new music video for their track “World Scum” has debuted online over at and can be seen below. The track features a guest appearance from Cattle Decapitation‘s Travis Ryan. “World Scum” is the first single from Soulfly‘s new album “Enslaved“, which will receive a March 13th release through Roadrunner.


  • Michael Mourn

    Really Damn Good, I look forward to the new album – sounds like the best I’ve heard since Dark Ages. Max is still putting out quality stuff either with Soulfly or CC.

  • NdR23

    Not a huge fan of the death metal vocals. I’m really hoping the rest of the album isn’t loaded with these vocals. Overall the instrumentals are really good, but I’m hoping for more of a Dark Ages/Primitive sound. I’m sure the album will be good nonetheless.

    • MARIACHI EL willX

      the death vocals are the other cat, not Max I thought.

      • Metalinfect

        Yup, those death vocals are all Travis. Love Cattle Decap.
        Anyways, awesome song and very trippy video. Love the editing in that one!