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Tool Perform First Show Since 2010 In Reno, NV, Setlist And Footage Available

Tool played their first show in over a year last night (January 14th) in Reno, Nevada. While the band didn’t perform any new material at the event, they did mix up their setlist. Here’s how it ran:

Hooker With A Penis
Ticks & Leeches
Forty Six & 2
The Pot

Scattered live footage from the show has been surfacing online and can be seen below:






  • Lern2Swim

    It’s kind of sad that, at this point, despite them being one of my favorite bands, I have no actual desire to see Tool live. I’ve seen them twice and they’re just not really bringing anything new to the table from what I see here. The same goes for their albums. I just don’t listen much anymore. At this point, I’m looking forward to new material from them, but it’s in the hope that they actually might shake things up finally.

    • Aggroculture

      I’ve seen them a dozen times, and I’m skipping this tour. New material, then we’ll talk. It’s been nearly six years now since 10000 Days was released (which I think is a great album, btw).

  • HonoluluBlueBalls

    Fucking awesome. They sound perfect as always and this should (but probably won’t) shut up anyone who feels like bitching about their “stale setlist.” Personally, I’ve seen them several times and I would happily pay for the 2007-2010 set. It’s nice to see Hooker With a Penis and Pushit in the rotation.

  • star_AD

    Damn, I woulda paid for Hooker with a penis, ticks & leeches, and pushit alone :/
    But still, more Aenima and opiate material is in order!

    • philippeletigre

      When I saw them in ’06, they omitted anything from Opiate and Undertow.

      Is it Paul D’Amour or the simple fact that bands like Staidt, Creed, etc. made careers from stealing song ideas/riffs off of those albums?

      • A. Estes


    • philippeletigre

      Whoops. Looks like I misspelled that shitty band’s name. A hack act deserves half-assed spelling. What can I say?

  • BloodyBoneKummer

    Add 3 more songs..and then I’d still have to think about it.

  • meladori

    To the naysayers: It sucks to be you. I will always pay to see Tool when they come around. Who cares if they play some of the same stuff, year after year. They are so much better than any act touring these days. In fact, you couldn’t pay me to see most everything considered popular at this time. Shit, you don’t have to pay me to see Tool. I am always happy to shell out the cash for these guys.

    • BloodyBoneKummer

      Probably also the type that will pay to see the same movie 5 times in a theatre…

  • whatisyourforte


  • johnthor

    I used to like Tool until they made the same album that they made the last time they made the same album. Every time they make a damn album it’s the same album, really, and only stoners listen to their music, it’s silly.

    • er1kha11

      Mac Lethal! Nice, one of my favorite lines on 11:11… and it couldn’t be more true!

    • BloodyBoneKummer

      And no matter’s Wu-Tang Forever