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Bring Me The Horizon Frontman Attacked Onstage In Salt Lake City, UT, Footage Available (Updated)

An altercation took place at Bring Me The Horizon‘s show last night (October 03rd) in Salt Lake City, UT. Apparently the incident occured after the band reacted to a number of hecklers throwing things at them. This led frontman Oli Sykes to call them out, which caused a handful of rowdy audience members to rush the stage and attack him.

Sykes was apparently unharmed in the ensuing fracas, with the band returning to the stage a half hour later to finish out their set. Fan-filmed footage of the attack can be found below.

Update – October 04th 4:52pm:

Bring Me The Horizon frontman Oliver Sykes has since commented on the incident via his Tumblr. Here’s what he had to say regarding it:

“Just to clear any rumours… Nothing happened last night apart from a bunch of soft lads stomped on a lil kids head 5 seconds into our set, so we stopped playing, had a bit of a banter with em telling em to do one, then some fatty gets on stage tries to hit me, in which he completely fails, misses and falls over, and then gets sparked out by someone In our touring party. The “crew” then responded by running around the venue, breaking a very young girls jaw and stamping on her, and injuring a few more of our young fans. Proper hard init.

Not a member in Bmth or any of our touring party got so much as a scratch, oh one did want me to know he fucked my wife though, which hit me hard as you know I’ve been happily married for a long time now : )

Fucking mongs eh? What can u do?”


  • The Shark™

    This is pure WIN.

  • beachbullette

    props for the stage dive at 1:15!

    • Vujaa De


  • Weird_White_Dude

    Ugh. Worst band. This band is the reason there’s bands like Design The Skyline and 18 year old bro-douches with ONLY hand and throat tattoos. Nice life choice, Tough guy.

    Fuck this trendy bullshit band, All their fans and ESPECIALLY their swoopy floppy Hot Topic haircuts.

  • shnk666

    What the fuck…this is stupid. I hope the bass player made contact when he swung his bass! Not a fan of this band either but fuck people that go to shows to start shit!

  • philippeletigre

    Dimebag Darrell gets murdered on stage and this guy takes a kick from a couple of 100-lb teenagers. Just goes to show Bill Hicks was right when he said heroes get murdered and demons run amok. “Boy, do they suck!”

    • robichaud1

      “See?! I fuckin’ told ya!” says Bill, surfing on the lake of fire.

  • goop

    Maybe not how Mormons behave but now he has 4 moms that can post his bail.

  • Bob Ross

    I don’t like this band. But I fuckin hate those little dbag kids that do this kind of shit. They’re always starting fights. I should say they’re always jumping people. Cowards. Man up one on one

  • wearesorta138

    You have a bunch of teenagers all hopped up on McDonald’s Lattes and their moms stash of airplane bottles listening to a shitty band they mistakenly made a trip to see and Voila. It’s time to riot. This is why bands should make an effort to look like Kerry King or later day Trent Reznor. Possibly, make an effort to acheive that talent as well.

  • Dax

    In 1996 or 1997 I was at a Deicide show in Denver and Glen came onstage and said they weren’t going to play. Now that was a fucking riot. Forget a bunch of anorexic pussies attacking en masse – this was scary and I got the fuck out. But as crazy and wrong as it was, no one was attacking anyone – just property destruction (under the influence of tons of alcohol and meth, I’m sure). I remember going down the stairs as the riot police with masks and shields were coming up. I attended a wedding at the same venue ten or so years later and the owner told me Deicide was the reason she stopped hosting that kind of show. Also, I don’t know this band BMTH well so correct me if I’m wrong, but my impression is that they’re all about drama anyway – so there you go.

  • schuler

    This band sucks.

    • Avery Williams

      This is coming from some stpid kid siting on his couch eating Doritos

  • southpawchew

    thats fucking gay why go to a show u dont like and act like a dick? i mean unless there was some crappy ass band like that beaver dude playing before btbam then theres no reason to fuck with their set

  • Vujaa De

    at least no one shit in their hat.

  • American_Natemare

    So, if this is a riot, does that mean what happened in LA after the Rodney King verdict was a full on war?

  • AMeN

    This band is a fucking abomination, I know these shit cunts from Sheffield, and let me tell you the definition of scene.

  • Matthew Brennan

    Bring Me the Toothbrush, fucking pommy faggots.

  • RxInfection

    First time I’ve ever had to read something with an english accent to understand what the fuck it said. My head hurts from how lame this entire thing is. Wasn’t this the same shitty scene band that had their set cut off when the venue straight killed their power? Drama queens, go back home to your Queen, trendy fucks.

    • BranchDavidianStyle

      Don’t like reading literature in different accents? …I definitely do not suggest trying to read anything from Irvine Welsh (author of “Trainspotting”).

  • emvath

    As a Salt Lake City resident I just want you to know that most of us are pretty cool. It’s losers like this that gives us a bad name and they are found in every city. Also, and most importantly, many of us actually have decent taste in music and wouldn’t be caught dead at a BMTH concert.

    • The Shark™

      True, we have them here in Denver, too. However, back in the day, SLC had a crazy bunch of Vegan SxE hardliners that used to go to hardcore shows and fuck people up for no good reason. I’m not going to name names specifically, but I know for a fact that a person that was at an Earth Crisis show (it was called Club DV8 or some shit like that, I can’t quite recall, but it was in 1994). He had an X slashed into his bare back with a razor blade. This was simply because he was drunk in the parking lot after the show and was jumped by those crazy fuckers.

      • Dax

        I was at an Earth Crisis show with Damnation AD in 1996 in Denver and those guys were there in full force. Coming from a death metal background and living in FL, I had never seen anything like that. They had fucking letter jackets and all – crazy.

  • dillinger1

    Even though Bring Me the Horizon have a cheezy name their music is largely uninspired, I hope the fuckers that attcked the band were charged. I hope the band had atleast a chance to pummel one of em!!!

    • Weird_White_Dude

      This band couldn’t “pummel” a bag of fucking Doritos.

      Point taken, tho.

  • ecb41

    What a dick.

    (The guy who rushed the stage, not the frontman.)

    As for the comments on how the band sucks…who cares if these guys fart in the microphone for an hour while baking cookies–if you go to a show, don’t be a dick and ruin it for everyone else.

  • veganbassist

    In all honesty, if there’s one artist out there that actually deserves to get their head beat in, it’s Oliver Sykes. He asks for it constantly.

  • Darkdevout

    honestly, I like their 3rd album, but on topic those guys are fucking dicks, I’m surprised nobody beat the shit out of them with extreme prejudice, I’m just surprised nobody did this to Guns n’ Roses *cough cough Axl Rose band cough* yet, and I’d recommend you people listen to their 3rd album it’s actually really good than the pieces of shit that was their 1st and 2nd albums. Can’t wait for the Machine Head tour, their new album is fucking AMAZING!

    • Darkdevout

      btw I was talking about the people who ruined the show, not sure If I clarified that.

  • LadyGrossly