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Chelsea Grin Post Behind The Scenes Look At “My Damnation” Music Video

A behind the scenes look at Chelsea Grin‘s forthcoming music video for their track “My Damnation” has been posted below. The clip was shot with director Ramon Boutviseth (All That Remains, Trivium) and will debut online in the near future. The song itself serves as the title track to the bands latest album, which has been earmarked for a July 19th release date through Artery Recordings.


  • INeverWanted.

    This song alone beats the hell out of anything they’ve written before. I dig!

  • RxInfection

    This band and the entire shitty genre they play can all suck a fuck. Fucking SICK of this style of music about as much as plugged ears and skinny fucking girl jeans. Plenty of douchebags in this area listen to this fucking garbage, I’ve fucking had enough. It’s the fucking pop-punk of today. Just fucking stop.Talentless garbage…*wanders off angrily*

  • Vautour

    I don’t give a fuck. *wanks off furiously*