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Emmure Perform Live Set Of Rage Against The Machine Covers, Footage Available

Emmure performed a set of Rage Against The Machine covers at the Hoodwink Festival In New Jersey yesterday, April 30th. Initial fan-filmed footage from the performance has surfaced online and can be found below:

Bulls On Parade“:

Killing In The Name Of“:


  • Imprint

    where is your double down Vega?

  • Statler


  • wtfzno


  • Tom

    undeniable proof that deathcore is the new nu-metal

  • buttcrackguy

    This singer has horrible stage presence to go along with the shitty band.

  • Weird_White_Dude

    Emmure is slang for We’re scared of Black People.

  • IAmSancho

    I signed up just so I could post this. If anyone had any respect for Emmure, I hope to god that it no longer exists. Not because they covered RATM, but they did so for an entire set. And they did it horroribley might I add.


  • RxInfection

    Rage against talent.

  • will

    i am not a fan of this band, but proops for trying this and giving proops to a band much “mighty-er” than they could ever hope to become.
    does sound like garbage though

  • Rev.J_Blumpkin

    maybe limp bizkit will do a set of all led zepplin covers now just in time for the mayan calendar to strike doom… we’re all fucked!

  • Weird_White_Dude

    Look at all those sweet bro’s on the side and in the back being stage potatoes and tryin’ to be seen / scene. What a bunch of dipshits. Not a woman in SIGHT! They’re all gonna go listen to Bury Your Dead and pound each others asses after the set. Mosh on, DAWG!

  • pinkmaggit


  • peanutbuttercrunch

    Tom this is not undeniable proof…thats an ignorant thing to say. One, not all deathcore is like this untalented waste of a band, and two, a majority of nu-metal is better than this garbage.

  • stuckpig

    holy cow. i can’t believe how bad this band is. buttcrackguy hit it right on the head…this singer has horrible stage presence…good lord man. i dont know how this dude doesn’t feel ashamed of himself after a set like this.

  • BranchDavidianStyle

    Nice Durst-esque Yankees hat, bro. Way to represent, dawg.

    If it isn’t undeniable proof that deathcore is the new nu-metal, then it’s definitely undeniable proof of why they don’t allow glass beverage containers at shows like these. I be throwin’ that shit and knockin’ a bitch out, yo.

  • jnafe

    ….lol.. from what I’ve seen in the past of people using the term deathcore for bands.. this band doesn’t fit that catagory. You can say it’s shitty, you can say that all “deathcore” is shitty, but I just want to make one thing clear:

    these dudes aren’t “deathcore” they’re more “hardcore”

    there’s hardly in death in it at all.

    do your research.

  • Tom

    hahaha hardcore? how about YOU do your fucking research

  • Viking

    Well one thing’s for sure in my mind: they are not – NOT – a Metal band.

  • will

    who insults hardcore like this? let me @ them

  • DexterMorgan

    Emmure really aren’t a “deathcore” band. They still suck terribly though.

  • Statler

    Death to false deathcore!

  • Surly

    Emmure make me piss and shit my pants, and projectile vomit with fear all at once. Can you even classify a band that can create that kind of reaction in a human being? Exactly.
    @will – finally! ;)

  • rasputinmetalguy

    wanna know how bad deathcore is? There’s a band named after a Bring Me The Horizon song. Chelesa Grin = Chelesa Smile.

  • James Deceit

    I gotta say Emmure is better than a lot of shit that’s out there right now as far as new metal and hardcore bands they have their own distinct sound. Although they did take the Limp Bizkit route by feeling inspired by Rage Against The Machine. Why I have no idea. They might have just wanted to impress the trendy and gay Bamboozle audience. If you look at the lineup for that day there’s a good chance Emmure is the heaviest band on there so they probably didn’t want to feel out of place and wanted to play something that people might know.

  • James Deceit

    Oh yeah without a doubt

    I was in a band Chaos Division back in 2004 and we called our genre of music deathcore as a joke I never thought it’d be an actual thing and catch on. My favorite band is still Pantera since 1999 so the deathcore bug hasn’t caught me haha.

  • Weird_White_Dude

    Deathcore? Hardcore? How about pure & utter shit core? Is that a genre?

  • peanutbuttercrunch

    “I gotta say Emmure is better than a lot of shit that’s out there right now,” then you have obviously been hearing nothing but absolute crap as of late…a suggestion…don’t listen to the radio. Emmure is not better than anything…they in fact belong in that group referred to as “absolute crap.” I remember seeing their cd at wal-mart, the label saying “the heaviest band out today,” that should have been my first clue…there is no such thing. This band is the equivalent of what it would sound like if Fred Durst had tried to start a deathcore, or hardcore (does it really matter?) band…good grief.

  • James Deceit

    I haven’t listened to a fucking radio since 1999. If I want to listen to music I just buy Cd’s but there really is nothing but shit coming out these days it’s same shit different band and that can be said about any genre. But if it has a distinct sound and you like it and it stands out from all the others then your gonna listen to it. And there are tons of heavy bands out today the majority just don’t push the envelope enough to get the listeners attention.