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Decapitated, The Faceless And More Reportedly Sign On For This Years “Summer Slaughter” Tour

ThePRP is hearing rumors regarding the preliminary line-up for this years edition of the annual “Summer Slaughter” tour. Bands who have reportedly signed on for the trek so far run as follows:

The Faceless
Cattle Decapitation
Cephalic Carnage
All Shall Perish
Veil Of Maya

Additional artists are being booked for the tour with an official announcement expected in the coming weeks.


  • Joke Insurance

    Unearth and Oceano are rumored to play as well.

  • will

    bring back darkest hour!

  • deafappleseed

    i was talking to the guitarist from carnifex and he said they will also be playing

  • fuzzrocks300

    The Red Chord will be on it. hell, they told me about CC, ASP, decapitated & the faceless being on it

  • dcmx16

    all those band blow, except for veil of maya. jk their all ok, nothing special

  • Tom

    i was talking to james hetfield of metallica and he said they will also be playing

  • jnafe

    I’m super excited about this tour, I love all of these bands. Looks to be a good summer.

  • Aries Veil

    If The Red Chord are on it, I would be there in second. Almost all of those bands shred live, especially CatDecap, and Cephalic. This tour appears to be the first real sweet metal tour of the summer.

  • MeavyHetal

    The Faceless
    Cattle Decapitation
    Cephalic Carnage
    Decrepit Birth
    The Red Chord
    Veil of Maya
    All Shall Perish
    Animals As Leaders

    So i’m assuming all of the bands above have been officially confirmed?

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