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I Prevail’s Brian Burkheiser Speaks On His Struggles With Eagle’s Syndrome Following Recent Surgeries


Brian Burkheiser, clean vocalist for platinum-certified alternative metal band I Prevail, has opened up on his current health after undergoing surgery earlier this year. His ongoing recovery has forced him to miss his band’s immediate touring plans.

Speaking via Instagram, he revealed that he had been suffering from Eagle’s syndrome — a condition caused by an elongated or misshapen bone just below the ear, or an issue with a related ligament. Symptoms of the condition can emerge in the form of nerve like pain around the jaw, ears, face, neck & throat, difficulty swallowing, pain from chewing, and more.

Burkheiser underwent surgeries for this condition this past February and said today, May 02nd, of his current recovery:

“I recently underwent multiple surgeries for a rare disease called Eagle Syndrome. It pains me to do this, but unfortunately I will have to miss the next month of shows as the recovery process continues. Initially, I thought I could push through the pain, but my body and mind just need more time to heal.

If I’m being honest, this disease has broken me over the last few years. I knew something was wrong dating all the way back to 2018, and it wasn’t until recently that I officially figured out the problem. I’ve pushed myself through multiple tour cycles trying my best to keep a positive spirit, but as the days passed by, the negativity and pain grew. I could write a book with the list of symptoms that come with this disease.

Sadly, Eagle Syndrome isn’t known by many, and it’s a very silent killer. Most I’ve talked to with it are suicidal, feel like a burden to those around them, and have trouble doing the simplest tasks. I have felt many of those feelings, but now I’m on a mission to help spread awareness and be a voice for those who suffer. Thanks to @drryanosborne and his team for empowering me and showing me that I can get back the life I’ve always wanted. He is truly one of the best men I’ve ever met.

For those going to upcoming shows, I promise you that the other dudes are going to crush this tour. Please go sing your hearts out and support them. I’m incredibly proud of Dylan and Eric stepping up and taking over for me while I’m gone. You guys are in for a special show.

Love you all and I’ll see you this summer.


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