Job For A CowboyChris Klumpp

Job For A Cowboy Premiere “Beyond The Chemical Doorway” Music Video


Technical death metal outfit Job For A Cowboy have just released a video for their track “Beyond The Chemical Doorway“. That song will appear on the band’s long-awaited new album “Moon Healer“, which Metal Blade have lined up for a February 23rd release.

That fifth studio album from the group furthers the concept and story that began on their past release, 2014’s “Sun Eater“. This latest cut from it delves into Gnosticism and hallucinogenic substances, with vocalist Jonny Davy offering:

“On ‘Moon Healer‘, we unravel the dismal narrative of a close friend consumed by an unwavering pursuit of enlightenment. They achieve this through a compulsive embrace of hallucinogenic drugs. This storyline emerges from the foundation set in our earlier album, ‘Sun Eater‘, delving deeper into the intricacies brewing within our friend’s psyche.

When under the influence of these drugs, this individual claimed to encounter entities and find themselves in indescribable worlds that defy rational comprehension. Many who undergo such experiences draw intriguing parallels between diverse facets of Gnostic philosophy, biblical depictions of angels, and the stages of Bardo Thodol delineated in the Tibetan Book Of The Dead.

In the album’s opener, ‘Beyond The Chemical Doorway,’ our friend vividly voices his hallucinations, recounting the experience of breaching forbidden, gnostic-like realms, with each account culminating in the utter unraveling of his being.”


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