924 Gilman Street

Man Arrested For Allegedly Groping Multiple Concertgoers During Recent Show At 924 Gilman


A report over at the The Berkeley Scanner reveals that a 41-year-old man identified as Mark James Bradley was arrested for allegedly groping a 17-year-old female during a show at punk/hardcore institution 924 Gilman Street in Berkeley, CA. The alleged incidents took place this past Saturday, January 27th at the aforementioned venue. Industrial bass and drum duo Powerstarve were headlining that night’s performance, with Clozvre, Grim Physician and more also performing.

A resulting investigation revealed as many as four victims that night, with Bradley ultimately being arrested on suspicion of sexual battery by restraint and battery. While a $25,000 bail was set, he has since been released from custody and is scheduled to be arraigned tomorrow, January 31st.

A post shared by the venue reveals their cooperation in the investigation, it reads as follows:

“A message to the community:

As some of you may have heard, there was an incident during a show on Saturday night where 4 minors were assaulted by an older man.

Our staff responded immediately, assisted these young people in reporting the assault, and fully cooperated with the police in their investigation in order to ensure that they got the justice they deserved. The assailant was taken into custody.

We are deeply concerned, and upset that an incident like this happened. It is our highest priority as a community to maintain a safe environment for anyone of any age.

Please know that we are conducting a thorough review of our security measures, and will be implementing new practices as a response.

We do not take this lightly, and our hearts go out to the people affected by this.

We do as much as we can as a collective and a venue, and there are certain things that you can do to help us provide the safest environment possible:

– Not having alcohol/substances in or around the premises. For safety and legal reasons, we cannot allow alcohol and other substances in or around the venue, and when people bring it in or have it right outside, it DIRECTLY diverts our security staff’s attention and exacerbates other safety concerns.

– PLEASE alert Gilman staff and security if you feel unsafe, or witness other people creating an unsafe environment! (We would not have been able to act so quickly without attendees alerting us to the incident!)”

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