Sleep Token / Mushroomhead/ Adam Messler Photography

Sleep Token’s New Masks Designer On Mushroomhead Comparisons: “To Me They Look Wildly Different”


Last weekend saw 3/4th of breakout alternative metal stars Sleep Token unveil their newly created masks. The mysterious group hired 21-year-old designer Lani Hernandez-David for that overhaul and Metal Hammer have newly published an interview with him.

Hernandez-David revealed that he was given notes for the masks by the band’s members, but shot down any inspiration from fellow masked metal outfit Mushroomhead for the final designs. He commented of that specific comparison:

“I’d always heard of Mushroomhead, but never really looked at them. To me they look wildly different. Mushroomhead aren’t the first band to wear masks with a ponytail and eyebrows, and neither are Slipknot. You can say Sleep Token are copying Mushroomhead, but then you can say Mushroomhead were copying Slipknot, Slipknot were copying whoever – no one invented these things.”

Hernandez-David may have unknowningly just waded into murky territory with his comments, as a beef over Slipknot allegedly copying Mushroomhead infamously played out for a sizable chunk of the two band’s careers.

In the same interview with Metal Hammer above, Hernandez-David, the 21-year-old artist mentioned that one of his dreams would be to make a mask for a member of Slipknot, stating:

“The next goal is to make a mask for Slipknot. That would be the end goal, because that’s what started it for me. When I got serious into mask-making, it was definitely with Slipknot.”

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