Cayle Sain

Twitching Tongues, Ghostemane, Etc. Drummer Cayle Sain Has Passed Away


Drummer Cayle Sain, who most recently had been serving behind the drum kit for Twitching Tongues, has passed away. Several individuals friendly with him have been posting tributes to the musician online today, December 10th. Sain also performed with the likes of Ghostemane, Downpresser, Mizery and more. A cause of death was not revealed.

Twitching Tongues commented:

“Our beloved friend, brother, and drummer Cayle Sain has passed away.

Aside from his unmatched talent, Cayle had the biggest heart and was the most loyal and caring friend anyone could ask for. If you spent one minute with him, he loved you.

We are moved by the outpouring of love and support we’ve seen for him today and we promise you that it would have meant everything to him.

His charisma, his raw power on the kit, and his unbeatable comedic timing will never be replaced or forgotten.

Rest in peace, and goodbye for now. ❤️”

Twitching TonguesTaylor Young:

Cayle left an immeasurable mark on this world in experience and in music. He lived 100 lives in the span that he was with us. Everybody has or knows a hilarious Cayle story, and EVERY record he graced will stand the test of time. He always said he looked up to us as musicians but in truth, there’s no one who came close to him as a drummer. I’m sorry my friend, we did so much cool shit together and I wish you knew how much you’ll be missed and appreciated. Cayle Sain.”

Twitching TonguesColin Young:

“A true artist and a TRUE legend. Cayle was sensitive, hilarious and the most passionate musician I’ve ever played with. He possessed irreplaceable talent and an even more irreplaceable spirit who had nothing but love to give to everyone in his life. He remembered every face, every name and talked about so many of you so often.

Cayle is and was the rhythm backbone of Southern California, he SAVED multiple bands, Twitching Tongues would have stopped a long time ago if he didn’t step up.

I’m in absolute shock and go in and out of crying every few minutes, half from grief, and half from remembering something funny he said or did. Truly a comedic genius and I can’t believe I’ll never get to hear another joke again.

If God is real, he opened the gates for Cayle with a subscription to SoundCloud premium, a fresh bottle of sweet baby rays and a damn hearing aid.

I hope that everyone, at some point, gets to have a friend like Cayle. Goodbye to our buddy, we love you.”

Dying Wish‘s Emma Boster:

Harm’s Way‘s Bo Lueders:

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