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System Of A Down’s Serj Tankian On Touring: “It’s One Of Those Things Where It’s Not The Top Priority On My List In Life”


System Of A Down vocalist Serj Tankian doesn’t expect to play many shows with the aforementioned multi-platinum alternative metal band in 2024. Outside of their already confirmed April 27th headlining appearance at the ‘Sick New World‘ festival in Las Vegas, NV, Tankian expects to largely focus on his other passions.

You might recall that last year Tankian explained his lack of touring in general, while also citing some issues with his back as being a part of that decision. Participating in a new interview with Revolver, it would seem that while his health has returned to a more tolerable state, his passion for touring as a whole remains diminished. He commented of that:

“Some of my back stuff is a lot better, in terms of health, which is cool. I have some other things I’m dealing with right now, which may or may not be affected by travel or touring.

It wasn’t just a health-related decision as far as cutting down on touring, but also a lifestyle decision. Based on family and vision.

I’ve been touring for 20-something years, on and off, of course. Not every year. And it’s fun, it’s profitable, it makes a lot of people happy in terms of being out there and sharing the music and [seeing] the reaction, and people really enjoying it and getting that feedback.

But after years of doing it and the travel that’s involved, it’s one of those things where it’s not the top priority on my list in life.”

Among Tankian‘s various happenings are his upcoming ‘Down With The System‘ memoir, today’s (November 10th) digital release of his “Invocations” live album, various scoring work and a new rock EP and covers album. Speaking more on the latter, he told the above-mentioned publication:

“I am going to put some other releases out next year, as well. I’ve got another rock EP that I’ve been working on. That kind of harks back to different times. So a lot of the songs are from way back, that I just finished.

A few songs from my first solo record, ‘Elect the Dead‘, times. A song from way before, like the early System days, that I never used. That for some reason never fit anywhere.

So I’m going to do that, and I’ve got another collaboration and covers record that I’m putting together, maybe for next year if we can fit both in. And again, maybe [I’ll] just do one event for each. I’m not interested in going and touring for each. It’s not just for System, but for anything, really.”

When pressed for more details on any collaborators, Tankian offered:

“I’ll leave it for later because it’s such a long time later. But yeah, there’re some cool people, and totally different creative genres, as well.”

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