Chas Levi Of Justice For The Damned

Justice For The Damned Drummer Chas Levi To Undergo Cancer Treatment, GoFundMe Launched


The cancer battle of drummer Chas Levi of Australian deathcore band Justice For The Damned has sadly progressed to the next phase. Levi was diagnosed with chronic lymphocytic leukemia in 2020.

The generally slow progression of that blood and bone marrow cancer has now reached a point where he will be requiring treatment for the foreseeable future. In turn, this GoFundMe has been launched to help him and his family out financially as he undergoes an experimental new treatment for the disease.

The following statement was shared via the band’s social media earlier today, October 27th:

“Hi all, some of you may have learned recently that our brother & drummer Chas has been living with CLL (Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia) for several years and the time for treatment has come.

Entering this new phase now means he and his family are going to have their hands tied making ends meet & raising their baby George all whilst Chas undergoes treatment.

A GoFundMe has been put together to allow everyone an opportunity to assist these beautiful souls.

Thank you ♥️

Statement from Chas:

“Reluctantly I must share that I unfortunately will not be performing with Justice For The Damned until sometime early next year.

In late 2020 I was diagnosed with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia (CLL) This disease is a very strange one being nearly all people diagnosed much like myself just learn to live with it but the time has come to intervene.

My doctor and I have both decided to begin a 6 month treatment plan starting late October. Chemo has come a long way particularly this year and I am lucky enough to be one of the first few patients to begin treatment a much smoother and less invasive way, that being said – I’ll unfortunately still need to be home so my good friend and incredible drummer Harrison Mills will be filling in until I’m well enough to join back in.

I also must thank mv new friend Terrance Pettitt (also an incredible drummer) for filling in for me on the recently completed US tour whilst my son George underwent a tricky surgery, it’s been a crazy year.

For now I can’t wait to be back better than ever with all of this behind me – I am going hard out in the studio and I look forward to sharing current & future projects produced by myself and of course drum sessions @thechameleonstudios

Much love


Levi‘s sister Claudia offered:

“Hi there I’m Claudia levi and this fundraiser is for my brother, Chas Levi. It doesn’t give me great pleasure to do this, in fact the absolute opposite. But we now find ourselves in the position of this last resort.

Chas was diagnosed with Chronic lymphocytic Leukaemia in 2020, and has recently started treatment, it’s a new treatment with him being one of the first few patients to receive, therefore leaving the side effects and reactions to be very unpredictable.

Chas spent the day in resus at RPA after his first treatment because he was so unwell, which is having a ripple effect on our whole approach to this tricky situation.
essentially the purpose of this, is to take the pressure of Chas, and his incredibly strong and wondrous partner Madison, as he was under belief and impression he would be able to work, we have been proven wrong about this. Chas and Madison also have a gorgeous little boy George who has recently been sick and now needs paediatric attention.

so any help is greatly appreciated so Madison can also and look after her two boys without financial pressure.

Thank you so much for your support through this incredibly tricky and unpredictable time. We truly appreciate it and will forever remember and be grateful.”

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