Cro-Mags Scrap West Coast Touring Plans


Cro-Mags have announced the cancellation of their planned West Coast dates. A statement issued by the veteran NYHC band was issued on the matter earlier today, September 25th, and reads as follows:

“Due to band scheduling conflicts and health issues, we regret to postpone our west coast tour dates until further notice. We know several venues are close to sold out. Please know that we will be back and will make it up to you.

We apologize to our fans and will see your faces again soon. We appreciate all the love and support; we couldn’t do it without you.”

In a separate statement, the band’s vocalist/bassist Harley Flanagan said today:

“Nice work out in the breeze and cool light rain. Good for the body and mind .

Some much needed time off. No sound check no lobby-call no drive, just relax , No show, no nothing.

Everything that needs to happen will happen. It can’t happen when you’re mind is tired or when you are beyond capacity and it can’t happen when your body is weary and broken. You have to know when it’s time to take a break. Come back, stronger and more focused.”

The Cro-Mags and Flanagan recently found themselves mired in controversy after a physical altercation broke out at a show the band played in Frederick, MD earlier this month. While disturbing allegations were launched against Flanagan and the band, a follow-up statement issued by Flanagan denied those claims, while also revealing that the authorities were now involved in the incident.

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