Two Minutes To Late Night's Bolt Thrower Cover

Watch Knocked Loose, Carcass, Sanguisugabogg, Etc. Members Cover Bolt Thrower’s “Return From Chaos”


The ‘Two Minutes To Late Night‘ camp have found themselves in a death metal mood, having just launched a new tribute series they’ve dubbed ‘Death Metal Forever’. Kicking off the run of covers is the below take on “Return From Chaos” by defunct British death metal greats, Bolt Thrower.

Established musicians from the death metal and hardcore scenes were recruited to take part in this new rendition, with the following roster having lent their talents:

Vocals: Devin Swank (Sanguisugabogg)
Guitar: Anthonie Gonzalez (God’s Hate, Greenwitch)
Guitar: Michael Munday (Frozen Soul)
Bass: Kevin Otten (Knocked Loose)
Drums: Dan Wilding (Carcass)

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