Islander Launch Crowdfunding Campaign For New Album, Release ‘Devastate The Masses’ Documentary


Islander have launched this Kickstarter campaign to fund an independent release of their upcoming new studio album. The alternative metal outfit are also hoping to raise enough cash to help acquire a working van to allow them to tour on that eventual opus.

The group commented of that:

“Dear Islander family,

It’s been a weird couple of years. We have so much to be thankful for and feel blessed to be where we are now, even after dealing with some career setbacks, a global pandemic, and then finding out after the fact that we’d been dropped by our record label before releasing our latest record.

Despite all of this, we’re still going strong, and that is in large part due to you. So as we enter a new chapter as an independent band, we’d like to thank you in the best way we know how; by making more music, and inviting you to be a part of it.

For the first time in the history of our band, we have a chance to not only completely own our music, but to make it on our own terms, and to bring our fans in on the process. No record labels. No middle-men. No gatekeepers. Just you and us.

Deciding to independently crowdfund our new record is both scary and exciting, but we’re willing to take the leap, especially because we feel so supported and empowered by you as the best supporters in the world. Every dollar of your pledges goes directly towards the two main things we need to continue as a band:

#1 – Making and finishing our new record
#2 – Getting a “new”, working van

We’ve never been able to do this without you, but as soon as this crowdfunding project is live, that statement will be true in a brand new way, as we are independent.

We’ve set our crowdfund goal at $30,000. This is the minimum amount we anticipate we’ll need to record, mix, and master the record, as well as manufacture and distribute all of the pledge rewards, and at least hit a downpayment on a van. Our van at the moment is literally duct taped together (seriously), and getting a “new” one is as big of a priority as being able to pay to finish a record.

We’ve seen plenty of bands have great success with gofundme’s when they’ve encountered serious vehicle troubles, but we decided to do this via Kickstarter rather than take that route because we don’t want charity and DO want to reward as many of our fans as much as we can for helping continue to be the lifeblood that keeps us moving and makes this worth it.

With that being said, anything past the $30k will still be an immense help towards getting the best record possible made and making sure we can continue to perform for you…”

Those who contribute to the campaign will be given first access to a new song titled “Weight Of The World” tomorrow, June 21st. The campaign’s launch follows the recently unveiled documentary from the band, ‘Devastate The Masses‘, which you can check out below:

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