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Type O Negative Celebrate World Goth Day With New “Halloween In Heaven” Music Video


In light of today (May 22nd) being ‘World Goth Day’, the Type O Negative camp have revealed a music video for the defunct gothic metal outfit’s 2007 track “Halloween In Heaven“. The video for that song, which itself was inspired by the late Pantera, etc. guitar hero Dimebag Darrell Abbott, was created by employing A.I. and features a host of late rockers.

Corinne Larre oversaw the video, offering the following of it:

“When Nuclear Blast asked me to make this video using artificial intelligence, I was eager to explore the thousand possibilities offered by this new technology. I ended up using a combination of two platforms: one that generated images and the other transforming said images into video.

The lyrics left the field open to a lot of experimentation, leading to this universe both eerie and kitsch, which I hope pays homage to the band. The real challenge was the integration of legendary artists into this imagery. It’s hard to explain to the A.I. the small details that make them unique as humans. In the end, hundreds, even thousands of iterations must have been made for this video!

As an artist, I think it is necessary to remain humble when using artificial intelligence as the topic has quite rightly caused some ethical debate in the creative world. In my opinion, these creations should not be seen as artistic works in their own right, but as the first steps of a technology that will revolutionize audiovisual creation in the coming years.”

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