Eye Am

Supergroup EYE AM (Crowbar, Ex-Type O Negative, Etc.) Tease New Single “Dreams Always Die With The Sun”


EYE AM, the new fledgling new supergroup comprised of members of Crowbar, Type O Negativea nd more, will be debuting their first single “Dreams Always Die With The Sun” on June 02nd. A music video for the track directed by Mike Holderbeast will arrive in conjunction with the song.

EYE AM‘s lineup includes Crowbar vocalist/guitarist Kirk Windstein, ex-Type O Negative guitarist/vocalist Kenny Hickey and drummer/vocalist Johnny Kelly, and ex-Crowbar/Down bassist Todd Strange. They plan to convene in the studio late this June to record their debut album.

Speaking of this new single, which you can preview below, Windstein offered:

“For me, I just love jamming and writing songs with talented people. Of course, I’ve jammed with Todd Strange since the ‘80s, so I knew that would be great, but having the opportunity to get together with Kenny and Johnny was exciting! I was a little nervous at first, but once we started putting the song together, I had a great feeling we were on to something special! I love the song, and can’t wait to write some more with these guys!”

Hickey added:

“Well, we didn’t really know what would happen when we got together. I had a few riffs and half-finished ideas, and I recorded them and sent them to Kirk and he wrote some ideas off of that. I think because we’re all around the same age, it echoes the music we grew up with, which was mostly ‘70’s hard rock and metal. It has a classic rock quality to it.

I hear some Hendrix in there as well. It’s really satisfying when you throw musicians and riffs into a pot and then listen back to hear what comes out of it. It’s somehow less contrived sounding, I think. It could have also hit the wall and ended up a disaster, which adds an element of risk to it as well. But I think we came out with something really cool.”

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