Max Cavalera Reveals Which Song He Feels Serves As The Best Introduction To Soulfly’s Discography


Max Cavalera has remained inherently prolific throughout his career in metal. From his early days in Sepultura to his ongoing run spearheading Soulfly, and the various other projects that have emerged along the way, he has crafted out a wide body of work. However, 12 albums into their career, Soulfly have become the main repository of Cavalera‘s sonic output.

Revolver recently asked the Brazilian metal legend what song he feels would serve as the best introduction to the Soulfly discography. He opted to take it all the way back to the band’s 1998 self-titled debut album, settling on that record’s fourth and final single “Tribe“.

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He commented of that:

“‘Tribe‘ is a good one. It’s a very heavy, tribal groove song with a lot of passages, a lot of different tribal beats on it, and a very unique way of looking at our fans — as a tribe. I like to think that the metal tribe is the biggest tribe in the world, so I made a song with that in mind. It’s very simple. It’s very to the point, but it’s that kind of feeling of uniting all the metal fans, and with the hope that in metal there’s less discrimination, less racism, less homophobic tendencies. All those things.

Like, we’re in this because of the music. So it doesn’t matter what color you are, long hair, short hair, what country you’re from, what your religion is, what your political preference is. We are together through the metal. That’s what united us. And everything else, we don’t give a fuck about it. So I think that’s cool. That’s a song that really represents the Soulfly spirit.”

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