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Exmortus To Release “Necrophony” In August, Debut “Mind Of Metal” Video


Exmortus will have their sixth studio album “Necrophony” out on August 25th via Nuclear Blast. The melodic death metal outfit unveiled the news alongside the debut of a music video for the new single “Mind Of Metal“.

Vocalist/guitarist Jadran “Conan” Gonzalez commented of the album itself:

“‘Necrophony‘ was an album title idea for as long as I can remember. This Symphony of the Dead couldn’t be realized for a collection of songs until now. Finally, we have our darkest and most Classically inspired work yet, with artwork by the great Toha Mashudi to match perfectly. We returned to Sharkbite Studios to have the mighty wizard that is Zack Ohren aid us again in forging our metal, and resulted in the finest steel we’re all proud to wield on the battlefield.”

He said of the record itself:

“‘Mind Of Metal‘ is a great compliment to our previous single ‘Oathbreaker;’ in that it has contrasting rhythms and structure, but shares lyrical inspiration by Tolkien. It’s a tribute to the wizard Saruman and other like characters in the legendarium, for their will to power and domination by crafty and industrial means. This song features groove, fast licks, and some of our favorite riffs ever written. Can’t wait to perform it live!”

Necrophony” track listing:

01 – “Masquerade
02 – “Mask Of Red Death
03 – “Oathbreaker
04 – “Mind Of Metal
05 – “Storm Of Strings
06 – “Test Of Time
07 – “Darkest Of Knights
08 – “Prophecy
09 – “Children Of The Night
10 – “Beyond The Grave
11 – “Overture
12 – “Necrophony
13 – “Moonchild

Pre-orders can be found here.

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