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Fans Of Power Trip Rally Against Upcoming ‘Power Trip’ Festival To Change Its Name


Fans of beloved Texan crossover outfit Power Trip have come out in droves against the newly announced ‘Power Trip‘ festival. Power Trip the band of course formed in 2008 and remained an active force up until the 2020 death of their vocalist Riley Gale. While the group’s future publicly remains uncertain, it was recently announced that their “Live In Seattle” album will be getting reissued on June 23rd.

The band themselves have remained critical of the emergence of the ‘Power Trip‘ festival on social media since it was unveiled several weeks ago. That event, which is being put on by promoters Goldenvoice as a sister event of sorts to their past ‘Desert Trip‘ festival, is set to take place at Empire Polo Club in Indio, CA from October 06th to 08th.

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That festival will feature headlining sets from AC/DC, Metallica & Guns N’ Roses, along with performances from Iron Maiden, Ozzy Osbourne and Tool. However, given that Power Trip (the band) spent over a decade establishing namesake and legacy—and especially after the tragic loss of Riley Gale—the move to try to assume the moniker for a festival has been a controversial one.

Hundreds of replies have been made to the various posts of the festival on social media, many of which echo the same phrase: “Change the name”. In the comments of this tweet from the festival, members of Knocked Loose, Silent Planet, Fuming Mouth and more can be seen taking issue festival’s namesake.

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