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1 Dead And Numerous Left Injured At Morbid Angel, Revocation, Etc. Show After Venue Hit By An Apparent Tornado


Tragedy struck amid Morbid Angel, Revocation, Crypta and Skeletal Remains‘s show tonight, March 31st in Belvidere, IL. That package was performing at Apollo Theatre during a severe storm, when portions of the theatre’s roof collapsed and the venue’s marquee was torn off the building. According to local news reports, the show was sold out, with roughly 260 people in attendance.

Numerous EMTs were called to assist the wounded, with 1 concertgoer confirmed dead and another 28 left wounded according to ABC 7.

While various individuals have claimed the wreckage was the result of a tornado, the national weather service has yet to conclude if the damage was indeed a result of such a weather phenomenon. Per a post shared from Crypta, all of the band’s on the tour package are safe and accounted for, though Crypta‘s RV appears to have been totaled.

Morbid Angel said in a statement issued tonight:

“Tonights show is Canceled due to a Tornado that hit the Venue.
We ask anyone who is still traveling to the venue to please seek shelter and stay safe. We are currently sheltering in place, and want to extend our support and hope that everyone at the show tonight is safe.

Right now our focus is on making sure everyone in the venue tonight is ok and gets home.
– MA”

Crypta added:

Revocation also commented:

Skeletal Remains:

Footage from the incident can be found below:

A photo showing the damage to what appears to Crypta‘s RV can be found below, while a local news report from WGN9 is also embdedded:

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