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Architects Drummer Dan Searle Suggests Bands Go On Strike To Protest Rising Venue Merch Cuts


Dan Searle, drummer for UK metalcore outfit Architects, is the latest artist to publicly take a stance against the increasingly pricey merch cuts venues have been levying against bands. In certain territories it is standard practice for a venue hosting a show to take a percentage of all merchandise sold amid the performance.

However, with inflation and the loss of income the live industry faced amid the pandemic, the percentage of those merch cuts have been seen to often exceed the once standard 20% fee. This of course puts even more strain on the artists themselves, who in this day and age, generally rely on merch sales as their chief source of income while out on the road.

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Gojira‘s recently launched European/UK tour drew some backlash for the seemingly high prices being commanded for merch, but Gojira‘s eco-conscious approach could also play a factor in that. Other artists to decry merch cuts lately include members of Fear Factory and Dark Funeral, as well as Devin Townsend, Bad Omens and Stray From The Path.

Searle recently took to Twitter to weigh in on the situation, offering:

That post led to the following conversations:

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