Guns N' Roses

Slash Admits Guns N’ Roses’ Early Excessive Behavior Would Have Gotten The Band Cancelled Today: “I’m Just Glad That We Didn’t Have The Internet Back Then!”


Like many of the band’s of their era and those that preceded them, diamond-certified hard rock legends Guns N’ Roses were no strangers to excessive indulgence. Be it substance or other vices, the band very much lived up to the rock star lifestyle amid their nascent late 80s and early 90s run. Speaking recently with Yahoo Entertainment, the band’s guitarist Slash conceded that the band’s past antics would have likely gotten them cancelled in today’s far more politically correct environment.

When asked about if he had thought about that, Slash responded:

“I haven’t actually… thought about it in that context. To be honest, I haven’t really thought about all that [excessive behavior] that much recently. But now that you mention it, most of everything that [Guns N’ Roses] did would’ve gotten us canceled in this day and age.”

We would not have fared well in this environment, for sure… on so many different levels. But I mean, a lot of things from back then would not be what you consider acceptable at this moment in time. …I’m just glad that we didn’t have the internet back then! It would’ve been a different world altogether. But anyway, I don’t dwell on all that stuff. It just is what it is.”

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