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Nonpoint Are Off To Meet The Wizard Of Oz With New Single “Heartless” (Updated)


Nonpoint have premiered a new track by the name of “Heartless” online. The single ties into the veteran nü-metal/alternative metal band’s newfound renewed interest with the ‘Wizard Of Oz‘.

Speaking of the track, frontman Elias Soriano commented:

“‘Ruthless‘ introduced you to a dark, re-imagined Tinman. Our new single ‘Heartless‘ will give you a peek inside the emptiness that drives his rusted cogs toward his target, Emerald City.”

Meanwhile, speaking recently with The Itch, the band’s lead guitarist Jaysin Zeilstra commented of the overall vision with the singles and accompanying tour:

“We dabbled in it with ‘Ruthless’. We made our whole aesthetic about ‘Ruthless’, from our stage show to our look to everything, and we’re doing that tenfold with ‘Heartless’ now. So whatever comes next I think is gonna blow our minds (laughs).

We had the song done and the idea built from there … it just got bigger and bigger and more ambitious. We’re super stoked ‘cause I don’t think this is like anything the band has done with this big a production and where we’re going with it.

The club’s going to be involved and when people walk in and they see the vibe … I mean, we’ve thought everything out for this, even the music that’s playing between bands.”

The band’s rhythm guitarist Rasheed Thomas added:

“We’re going all out. We’re pushing the envelope … [Creative Director Francesca Ludikar’s art] makes it all cohesive. [The similarity between song titles] was all premeditated too. Elias came up with a lot of those ideas, and it does all tie together. It’s a whole big story that’s being put together. This is a new way of seeing Nonpoint with this tour and tying it all into the music. It’ll be a part of the merch, it’ll be part of everything.”

The theme of the trek will also extend to their tourmates as well, with Zeilstra offering:

“The other bands are fully invested in what we’re doing and they’re theming their show along with everything too, so it’s going to be completely immersive with everything we have going on. Sumo Cyco was a safe bet. We knew they’d be on board with all this. We did a handful of shows with Blacktop earlier and we instantly clicked with those guys. They’re down to earth and just good people, too. It was an easy match and we couldn’t be happier to have them out on this.”

As previously reported, the group will be further leaning into that subject matter next month, when they mount up for ‘The Emerald Cities Tour‘ alongside Blacktop Mojo and Sumo Cyco. That endeavor will hit the below cities:

03/02 Virginia Beach, VA – Elevation 27
03/03 Fredericksburg, VA – Hard Times Four Mile Park
03/04 Jacksonville, NC – Hooligans
03/05 Greensboro, NC – Hangar 1819
03/07 Johnson City, TN – Capones
03/08 Spartanburg, SC – Ground Zero
03/10 Tampa, FL – The Ritz Ybor
03/11 Ft. Lauderdale, FL – Culture Room
03/12 Jacksonville, FL – Underbelly
03/14 Chattanooga, TN – Barrelhouse Ballroom
03/15 Nashville, TN – Basement East
03/17 Atlanta, GA – Masquerade (Hell)
03/18 Biloxi, MS – Point Cadet Plaza
03/19 Little Rock, AR – Rev Room
03/21 Lawrence, KS – Bottleneck
03/22 Tulsa, OK – Vanguard
03/24 Houston, TX – Warehouse Live
03/25 Dallas, TX – Trees

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