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The HU Debut Video For New Version Of “This Is Mongol” Featuring Alice In Chains’ William DuVall


Mongolian rockers The HU have premiered a new version of their song “This Is Mongol (Warrior Souls)“. Alice In Chains vocalist/guitarist William DuVall has lent his talents to this new version of the track. DuVall also took on the production and mixing duties for it.

Actor/director Michael Lombardi helmed the accompanying music video. Temuulen “Temka” Naranbaatar, who plays the tovshuur and contributes backing vocals in the band, commented:

“We are so excited to be performing our single, ‘This is Mongol (Warrior Souls)‘. He’s not only an amazing vocalist but also has unique rhythm and technique to his performance, and his style matches our energy and our throat singing. The song is about the warrior souls that are within us, and its purpose is to inspire you and awaken your soul. We hope everyone enjoys this piece of art.”

DuVall added:

“It was such an exciting and fulfilling challenge to write and produce something that remained true to The Hu’s sensibilities while also resonating with my own. ‘Warrior Souls‘ is a testament to the fact that, no matter where we come from, in the end, we all want the same things-to prosper in our own time despite the odds arrayed against us, making previous generations proud and leaving a worthy legacy for the future. I’m honored by this collaboration and very proud of the result.”

Lombardi also commented, offering:

“I had the immense pleasure of working with The Hu in the feature film ‘The Retaliators.’ Their contributions ranged from acting, songs appearing in the film and also on ‘The Retaliators’ soundtrack. On their track, ‘This is Mongol,’ their lyrics encompass a proud declaration of possessing a warrior spirit.

The Hu believe we all have the warrior spirit within us. Through inspiring with their hearts and courage, they awaken that warrior spirit in all of us. I have witnessed that the messages in their music are a total reflection of how they live and how they tackle their artistic process. The Hu approach their craft with professionalism, courage–and with infectious energy.”

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