Doja Cat

Doja Cat Exploring Doing ‘Hardcore Punk’ Music


Multi-platinum rapper, singer, actress, etc. Doja Cat has already made a considerable dent for herself in the world of pop and rap, having notched up countless gold and platinum awards across a career that has thus far only spawned three albums. If you’re unaware of her career, as of press time, she boasts an staggering 51.7 million monthly listeners on Spotify alone.

While the 27-year-old star has previously flirted with rock and metal, it would appear that she has ambitions to delve into another genre altogether: hardcore punk. Speaking recently with Variety, she expressed her burgeoning interest in crossing over.

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She also clarified that her definition of ‘hardcore punk’ was that in a traditional sense. While there’s been no shortage of artists jumping into pop-punk, she will not be one of them.

She said of that:

“This is the manic part. I wasn’t gonna tell you. But I’ll just tell you now, because not talking about it is making me annoyed: I want to explore punk. But not pop-punk. I feel like we have enough pop-punk artists right now.

And if there needs to be more, then let there be more, but I don’t think I’m the one to do it. I want to explore more of a raw, unfiltered, hardcore punk sort of thing. It’s just something that I’m doing for my own personal fun — getting some drummers and guitarists together. And I don’t even know if that’s gonna make it out there.”

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