Darkest HourMary Lou Larson

Darkest Hour Have Begun Recording Their New Album


Melodic death metalcore band Darkest Hour have officially begun tracking their tenth studio album. Taking to social media earlier today (January 24th), the veteran band commented:

“We’re in the studio, it has begun!

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We are thrilled to announce we have begun tracking our 10th studio album at Mix Wave studios in Bethesda MD, with Taylor Larson & Ernie Slenkovich. We have been working hard over these past few years to write, re-write, edit, and re-edit the songs on this album. It has been strenuous but the end result is an album that we are absolutely in love with.

John’s vocal performance is better than ever. The control of his abilities and techniques beautifully complement the evolution of the music. Our rhythm section has been with us now for over a decade.

Aaron Deal brings that analytical attention to detail and outside the box perspective that is so urgently needed to make an album feel just right. Travis is at the top of his game both physically and compositionally, his time in the band has proven essential for the growth of the band and we all seem to really speak the same language now.

In addition our good friend Nico Santora (who has been touring with us these past years) has blown away our expectations with his additions to this records. His influence is truly felt here. This album makes one hell of a statement on the guitar and he is directly responsible for that.” – Mike Schleibaum

Special thanks to our Patreons who have helped keep our band alive these past years and helped fund the creation of another addition to our catalog.

A late 2023 release is planned, with more details on the way. You can follow along via our official Patreon:

For more in depth updates, to watch as we build this album from the ground up, and for your chance to get a Patreon exclusive version of our new record once it is complete.

Can not wait for you all to hear these new jams and to enjoy them with you live sooner than later!”

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