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Limp Bizkit’s Wes Borland Involved In Legal Action Against His Ex-Wife


Rolling Stone are reporting that Limp Bizkit guitarist Wes Borland is currently involved in legal action against his ex-wife, Carré Callaway (also known as Queen Kwong.) Borland and Callaway were married from 2016 through to January of 2019. The couple notably starred together in a reality home improvement show titled ‘Sight Unseen‘ that aired for one season on the DIY Network.

The source of the current legal tension between the pair apparently stems an alleged violation of agreement they signed upon their divorce. A clause in that agreement—which was signed both parties—stated that “neither party may make speeches, give interviews, or make public statements that defame the other party.”

The source of contention in the matter stems from an interview Callaway did with Bandcamp Daily in 2022. Per Rolling Stone‘s report on the filing, Callaway ‘claimed Borland gave [her] three days to leave their Detroit-area marital home with several rescue cats after the marriage fell apart. She is quoted as saying that one of the cats, Daisy — whom she eulogized on her album “The Mourning Song” died a week after he left because he was the only one who could care for her.’

A subsequent review published in Flood Magazine by the same journalist repeated those claims and went further to suggest that a separate song, “Emdr Atm“, suggested Borland had been gaslighting Callaway.

In turn, Borland himself has accused Callaway of violating their divorce agreement, while also  attempting to defame him and destroy his reputation with her claims. It is also suggested that she was attempting to profit off of his name. He is seeking $5,000, plus costs and for the court to impose a sanction against Callaway.

Callaway herself said in a statement to Rolling Stone:

“The TRUTH CANNOT BE DEFAMATORY. This action is simply a tactic to bully, intimidate, and silence me. This is an attempt to financially ruin me, exhaust my physical well-being and denigrate my credibility with the explicit intent of causing harm to my career.

This is an overall attack on freedom of speech and artistic expression. What does it mean for indie musicians like myself —who can’t afford to even tour these days — to have to worry about fighting frivolous lawsuits.

What does it mean for women who are already afraid to tell their stories? What does it mean for journalists if their words can be spun to silence the very women they’re trying to give a platform to?”

B. Andrew Rifkin, who is representing Borland on the matter, said in a statement:

“Mr. Borland filed a post-judgment motion asking that the Wayne County, Michigan Family Court enforce specific Judgment of Divorce provisions that both parties agreed to abide by as part of their 2020 divorce settlement. Mr. Borland’s post-judgment motion has nothing to do with any issues beyond what each of the parties agreed to do as part of the finalization of their 2019 divorce case.

The parties’ Judgment of Divorce requires both Mr. Borland and Ms. Callaway to refrain from ‘mak[ing] speeches, giv[ing] interviews, or mak[ing] statements that defame the other party.’ Mr. Borland has fully complied with that provision, and he is asking the Family Court to make clear to Ms. Callaway that she has the same obligation to comply that Mr. Borland has.”

During their relationship, Borland himself had performed alongside Callaway as a member of Queen Kwong . For more on the matter, head to Rolling Stone.

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