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Chino Moreno Says Crosses (†††) Have Entered Their “White Pony” Era


With the return of Crosses (†††) in full swing and more new material on the way, the now duo of Chino Moreno (Deftones, etc.) and Shaun Lopez (Far) have been making the rounds doing press. Outside of some sporadic singles, that outfit had largely laid dormant for nearly a decade, but all that changed this y ear

Touring is being planned for 2023 and the follow-up to this month’s new EP “PERMANENT.RADIANT” is already coming together. While it’s unclear as of yet whether they will decide upon releasing a new album or EP next, the experimental dream pop did recently admit to NME that some of the material they’ve been stockpiling will be a bit more unconventional. The terms “aggressive” and “out there” were thrown around as descriptors.

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According to Moreno the group are just beginning to find themselves, as he opted to provide an analogy derived from the body of work of the alternative metal greats he has fronted for several decades now. He commented:

“To use Deftones as an analogy: when we did our first record, we were just trying to figure out what the hell we were doing, ‘Around The Fur‘ was us getting some confidence and success with that, then when we made ‘White Pony‘ that was us saying, ‘We can do anything now’.

People liked what we did and we had the freedom to expand. That’s where we’re at with Crosses now. We’ve shown what we can do, so now it’s like, ‘Check this out!’”

If you’re not up on Deftones lore, “White Pony” represented an intentionally bold step outside of the nü-metal scene they had found themselves lumped in at the time. It was a risk that paid off, netting the group their first platinum album, while also laying the foundation for their creative output that has followed.

With Deftones having essentially wrapped up the touring campaign for their 2020 album “Ohms“, Crosses are expected to take up a considerable chunk of Moreno‘s time in 2023. He stated of that:

“I’d like [Crosses] to coexist with life in general. Deftones don’t have much on the horizon other than doing some writing. There’s no high pressure. I like the idea of those guys writing sans my presence. For now, we’re pretty focused on this. I know Shaun has some other stuff he’ll be working on, but we’re pretty dedicated to diving in and seeing how deep we can go with this next year.”

Last night saw Crosses continue their holiday tradition of issuing a cover. This time around it was their rendition of George Michael‘s “One More Try“, which you can check out here.

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