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Suicide Silence’s Chris Garza Discusses His Love Of Nü-Metal: “Korn’s My Favorite Band, That’s Why I Play Guitar”


Suicide Silence guitarist Chris Garza has never been shy about his love for the nü-metal genre, unapologetically remaining a fan, even when it could be detrimental to himself and his band’s image. As a pioneer in the early 2000s deathcore scene, Garza endured derision from eventual deathcore fans for expressing his love of Korn, etc. long after the height of nü-metal had passed.

Clad in a Coal Chamber shirt at last weekend’s ‘Louder Than Life‘ festival in Louisville, KY, Garza sat down for a chat with Josh Toomey (himself a veteran of Primer 55) for the latter’s ‘Talk Toomey‘ podcast. When asked by Toomey about his enduring love of the genre, Garza offered:

Korn‘s my favorite band, that’s why I play guitar. It’s why the band Suicide Silence is here—it’s because of Korn. My love for nü-metal; it’s who I am. I’m a ’90s nü-metal kid. I’m a rhythm guitar player. I don’t leave the first two frets. I might do a tremolo up here [mimics playing a guitar] while fucking shredding—but, it’s who I am.

My love for the genre goes very deep. I love Slipknot, obviously Coal Chamber. You name it: Staind, Mudvayne, Limp Bizkit, that’s my shit. And I took a lot of those elements from that attitude and the emotion and the vulnerability and I put it into death metal, and at the time people hated it.

But it’s weird, time goes on and people were starting to get more open to the deathcore genre and Suicide Silence, it’s fucking crazy, but I love nü-metal very much.”

Speaking on the time where nü-metal fell out of favor and was widely mocked, Garza offered:

“I’m better about it now, but when there was like… Now it’s cool to wear a Coal Chamber shirt, and a Korn shirt and a Slipknot shirt, it’s cool. Those bands have earned it, where they’re legendary bands with classics, or kind of classic t-shirts I guess, it’s kinda weird.

But I mean, when [Suicide Silence] first started in 2002, we were very vocal about nü-metal. I wore the Korn shirts and long hair at a hardcore show—which if you didn’t know, was a big fucking no-no. I’d be around the pit and people would throw kicks at me. So I was a nü-metal kid at a hardcore show. But we didn’t care, we talked about how much we loved Korn, we were very vocal about it on camera, to our friends, and people around the scene when it wasn’t cool to do so.

Which has led to a friendship with Korn and it’s really cool… But I’m kinda bitter like [new] band’s sounding nü-metal or like wearing the shirts, I’m like ‘Where were you twenty years ago?’ But it’s fucking crazy, it’s a classic genre. It’s badass. And it’s still getting bigger.”

Garza and the Suicide Silence‘s nü-metal fandom did eventually manifest itself in many ways, with Korn vocalist Jonathan Davis guesting on “Witness The Addiction” from Suicide Silence‘s 2011 album “The Black Crown“.

Suicide Silence also managed to tour with the multi-platinum genre pioneers back in 2015. If that wasn’t enough, Suicide Silence also went on to complete their own nü-metal rite of passage as well, recording their 2017 self-titled album with Ross Robinson, the producer crucial to early releases from Korn, Slipknot, Limp Bizkit and more.

Elsewhere in the aforementioned chat, Garza confirmed that the next single from Suicide Silence‘s “Remember… You Must Die” will emerge on Halloween night (October 31st.) That date holds a particular significance for the band, given that their vocalist Mitch Lucker died in a motorcycle accident on Halloween night back in 2012.

Garza admitted that the loss of Lucker has hung heavy over him on that day, having taken eight years for him to partake in any Halloween celebrations since Lucker‘s death.

Garza in part stated of the band’s upcoming plans, “It’s kinda nuts now we’re dropping a song on Halloween night. I don’t know what to say about that, it’s time. It’s just crazy how long it takes things to line up that way.”

Remember… You Must Die” is expected to arrive in early 2023.

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