Raven Figure With Ministry Shirt

Upcoming Action Figure Of Professional Wrestler Raven Comes With An Officially Licensed Shirt For Ministry’s “Psalm 69” Album


Amid his decades-long professional wrestling career, Scott Levy, better known as ‘Raven‘, was known to enter the ring adorned in shirts from heavier bands. Among some of his 90s ring attire were shirts from the likes of Nevermore, KMFDM and Ministry. In an fittingly authentic twist, a new action figure of Raven being produced by Zombie Sailor Toys has also notched up the license to a t-shirt for Ministry‘s platinum-selling 1992 album, “Psalm 69“. Raven made his ECW debut back in 1995 while wearing that very shirt.

You can take a look at that figure below, along with word from Ministry and Zombie Sailor Toys.

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