Tom Morello

All That Remains’ Phil Labonte Calls Out Rage Against The Machine’s Tom Morello For Using A Lenin Quote On His Signature Guitar Pedal


For years now, Phil Labonte, vocalist for gold-certified metalcore outfit All That Remains, has been outspoken about expressing his generally libertarian political beliefs on social media. Just recently however, he took a shot at Tom Morello, the acclaimed guitarist for reunited rap metal firebrands Rage Against The Machine, over Morello‘s long-controversial communist/socialist beliefs.

Morello and the aforementioned band have a lengthy history of appropriating communist imagery (if not also elements of the ideology) into their craft. While recently highlighting the rise of communist ideology in modern times and the brutal origins of the rise of communism in the early 1900s, Labonte took a shot at Morello for emblazoning his signature Jim Dunlop wah petal with a quote “Sometimes history needs a push.”

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That quote is attributed to Russian revolutionary and eventual communist figurehead Vladimir Lenin. Venting on the apparent hypocrisy of the product being sold within a capitalist system, Labonte said overnight:

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