Tommy Vext

Tommy “The Lone Wolf” Vext Says Death Row Records Are Interested In Signing Him, Gets Shout-Out From Ex-U.S. President Donald Trump


Former Bad Wolves vocalist Tommy “The Lone Wolf” Vext has released a music video for his latest single, “Cancel The King” online. Vext claims that the video has been banned by Facebook and Instagram. He said of that in a live Q&A hosted this past weekend:

“You can not see the video on Facebook and Instagram, sadly, because it is banned. They are trying to, even more so now, that I have gotten shouted out by the former president—the rightful president—of the United States. They are now trying to shut me down completely.

So they reported one of the models, who is my friend’s girlfriend, who is in the video in a bathing suit—similar to Britney Spears holding a snake, as pornography. Even though if you’re a trans person, you can pull your dick out basically on these platforms and nobody says anything. But you know, it’s a weird time. It’s a weird clown universe we’re living in.”

As he mentioned above, Vext also was recently given a shoutout from ex-U.S. President Donald Trump while attending an event at Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, FL. You can watch footage of that below. Vext futher revealed that he has been asked by the Trump administration to perform at upcoming Trump rallies and he stated that he has agreed to do so.

Speaking of the initial impact “Cancel The King” has had, Vext stated:

“The song went #5 on iTunes, we have absolutely no support at radio, no support on Octane, no support on SiriusXM whatsoever—we’re completely blacklisted. No support from the mainstream metal media, no support from the mainstream rock media, complete blackout of all liberal media. Many people have been cancelling their subscriptions to Sirius in protest, I appreciate the solidarity. But we’re still out here, we’re still doing our thing.”

*For the record, Vext blocked on social media over a year ago.

Meanwhile, Vext also spoke of some potential label interest in his current music from the now Snoop Dogg owned Death Row Records. He said of that during the same aforementioned live Q&A:

“I got to go see Snoop Dogg and Ice Cube last Saturday in Nashville, Death Row Records reached out, [they’re] interested in signing me, we’re not sure what we’re going to do at this point. But it’s just pretty cool that’s even happening.”

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