Machine Head

Robb Flynn Speaks Of Machine Head’s ‘Heavy’ New Album, Says He Remains “Super-Proud” Of “Catharsis”


Machine Head vocalist/guitarist Robb Flynn has discussed the group’s forthcoming tenth full-length album in a recently published interview with Metal Hammer. Sessions for that effort have already wrapped with Decapitated guitarist Waclaw “Vogg” Kieltyka and Machine Head bassist/vocalist Jared MacEachern having both contributed ideas to this new effort. Studio drumming on the outing was handled by Entheos/ex-Animals As Leaders drummer Navene Koperweis.

Speaking of what to expect from this new album, Flynn offered:

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“It’s fucking heavy, probably the heaviest we’ve been in a few albums. I’ve been playing so much guitar recently; I do Electric Happy Hours every Friday and sometimes you play a song you haven’t played in 10, 20 years, or go through a whole album from top to bottom. When we toured ‘Burn My Eyes‘, it took me back to where I was writing that music. I don’t think I can ever be in that place again lyrically, but riff-wise, I think that all spilled into this album.”

He later added:

“There are moments of just savage violence. The first few songs are a fucking murderers’ row of music and riffs. We’ve had a gothy, sad side on songs like ‘Descend The Shades Of Night‘ and ‘Darkness Within‘, and I think we’ve got some of our most melancholy parts on this record. It’s going to be the type of thing that really hits people emotionally. It’s a rollercoaster.”

This forthcoming album certainly has its work cut out for it, given it’s following up one of the band’s most divisive to date: 2018’s “Catharsis“. Now some four years removed from that effort, Flynn still feels ‘super-proud’ of it, telling the aforementioned publication:

“I’m super-proud of ‘Catharsis‘, man. There are some really great songs on there; I can think of five songs off the top of my head that are full-blown Machine Head fucking classics. They’ll probably forever be in our live set. Were there songs that people didn’t like? Sure, but there are songs on most of my favorite bands’ records that I don’t like. There are songs on every record of mine that I don’t like, even ‘The Blackening‘. ‘Slanderous‘ sucks!”

A new single from this upcoming album is scheduled to debut online next Tuesday, April 12th. The album itself is expected to follow this summer.

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