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Astronoid Premiere “Eyes” From Upcoming New Album “Radiant Bloom”


Shoegazey post-metal outfit Astronoid have signed a deal with Periphery‘s label 3DOT Recordings and will have their self-produced third studio album “Radiant Bloom” out on June 03rd. The band’s vocalist/guitarist Brett Boland had the following to say of that effort ahead of time:

“It’s a balance of aggression and emotion. This is our next evolution. It’s a reflection of everything over the past few years, and it’s the most personal album we’ve made so far. ‘Radiant Bloom‘ is about the state of being human and all the trials and tribulations that come along with that. It’s about mundanity and boredom and about everything moving so fast that you feel like you can’t do it all. It’s about the flood of feelings that goes along with everyday experiences and trying to cope with the swirling vortex of life humming around you.”

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A first single in the form of “Eyes” has just premiered online and is available below. Boland described it as “not feeling completely sure of who you are or what you’re doing.”

Pre-orders for the album can be found here.

Radiant Bloom” cover

01 – “Admin
02 – “Eyes
03 – “Sleep Whisper
04 – “Sedative
05 – “I’ve Forgotten Your Face
06 – “Orchid
07 – “Drown
08 – “Human
09 – “Decades

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