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Bring Me The Horizon’s Oli Sykes Credits Early Killswitch Engage Record For Helping Him Get Into Heavier Bands


Bring Me The Horizon have certainly moved far beyond the constraints of their deathcore roots, but it seems there was one key album for frontman Oli Sykes that helped inspire him to immerse himself in the heavier output of their youth. Speaking recently with Sobre La Dosis, Sykes was asked which record got him into metal in the first place.

While Sykes has previously cited Linkin Park‘s music as being key on his musical journey and once again does so here, it turns out it was successful metalcore outfit Killswitch Engage‘s 2002 album “Alive Or Just Breathing” that served as his gateway into heavier realms.

He stated:

“The first metal record I bought… so it depends what you define as metal. The first couple of records were like Linkin Park and stuff like that. The first album that I was like ‘wow this is metal’ was Killswitch Engage… I guess it’s [‘Alive Or Just Breathing‘]. I remember I put that record on for the first time, I was like ‘oh my god this is too heavy.’

We were going on holiday – I was going to Spain on a bus from England and it took like, 24 hours and I just bought [the album] just before I got on the bus. When I first listened to it, I was like ‘this too heavy for me. I don’t like it. It’s too crazy.’ And then I had nothing else to listen to, so I just kept listening to it and by the time I got to Spain I was fucking in love with it.

I think that’s really what got me into like… got my taste for heavy music because after that I was listening to all kinds of different death metal like Decapitated and Suffocation and like, just harder shit like Zao and stuff like that, which I’m thankful for.”

[via Metal Injection]

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