Former Darkest Hour, Revocation, Dead To Fall, Etc. Members Unite In Goldilush, Three Singles Launched


Goldilush are readying their debut album “Fragile Zombies” for an April 30th release date. The outfit were founded by ex-Darkest Hour guitarist Michael “Lonestar” Carrigan, who takes on the vocals, guitar, bass, sitar and synth/programming duties here.

Joining him in this venture are guitarist/vocalist Chris Goodwin (ex-The Jonbenét), ex-Revocation drummer Phil Dubois and former Dead To Fall drummer Timothy Java. Guitarist Paul Seymore and bassist Kenny Gardner round out the lineup.

Three singles from the aforementioned album have arrived online, while pre-orders for the entire effort are available now through

Speaking of the band, Carrigan offered:

“For the past few years, I’ve been slowly and diligently working with a few friends on some new music. We bonded over our love of tunes with loud hooks, heavy distortion, & bad attitudes.

While the outside world plunged further into chaos and uncertainty, we honed & harnessed that negative energy and transformed it into 14 crushingly catchy jammers. Every week we will be releasing a new song until our album-Fragile Zombies-is released on April 30.

I wanna thank Kenny Gardner for all his hard work, dedication, and good vibes. You are one hell of a producer and an all around awesome dude!! You made this the most fun recording experience I’ve ever had, and IMO this is the best sounding album I’ve ever been a part of.

Thank you to Timothy Java, Phil Dubois, and Doug Adams for lending their incredible drumming skills and breathing life into these songs!

Chris Goodwin – Thank you for sharing the mic with me. We’ve been buds for almost 20 years, and we’re finally putting out some music together! Your knack for notes is truly a gift to the world!

This first song is called ‘Rattle’. It’s about an old friend of mine. Turn it up!”

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