Monuments Detail New Album “In Stasis”, Periphery’s Spencer Sotelo & More To Guest


Monuments‘ fourth studio album “In Stasis” has been announced for an April 15th release date through Century Media. The record will feature guest spots from Periphery vocalist Spencer Sotelo on “Arch Essence” and Monuments‘ own former frontman Neema Askari on the opening track “No One Will Teach You“.

While the progressive djent band mainly took on the production duties for the album themselves, as evidenced by the previously released single “Lavos“, the record also features co-production by composer Mick Gordon. Gordon is renowned for his work on recent entries in the ‘Doom‘ video game series and more.

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In Stasis” track listing:

01 – “No One Will Teach You” (feat. Neema Askari)
02 – “Lavos
03 – “Cardinal Red
04 – “Opiate
05 – “Collapse
06 – “Arch Essence” (feat. Spencer Sotelo)
07 – “Somnus
08 – “False Providence
09 – “Makeshift Harmony
10 – “The Cimmerian

The band issued the following statement regarding the record:

“We approached this album without the intention of a specific concept. However – three songs in, what was being written ended up sharing a common theme.

This feeling of being stuck in the middle, something we experience throughout our lives – within friendships and relationships, love to hate, life to death, belief or non-belief, being in power to total defeat, isolation to freedom. Over the past 2 years, we have been faced with many of these trials, and these struggles can be heard throughout the record.

This album is a culmination of our greatest triumphs and our deepest struggles. We hope it resonates with you, and brings you closer to equilibrium.

We’d like to thank guests Neema Askari (He Knows, ex Fellsilent, ex-Monuments), Spencer Sotelo (Periphery, Mothership), and Mick Gordon (DOOM, Prey, Killer Instinct) for enhancing the record with their unique perspectives.”

Pre-orders for the album will launch on February 04th.

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