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Boris Release New Christmas Single “Noël” Featuring Wham! Cover & More


Boris have released a new Christmas-themed two-song single titled “Noël” via Sacred Bones. A revised take on Boris‘ track “Pardon?” done by Lauren Auder and Dviance appears on the effort, along with a cover of Wham!‘s “Last Christmas“. Boris collectively said of the release:

“When Lauren Auder replied to our post and told us ‘I love this album very much,’ we were very excited. We really like Lauren‘s voice, atmosphere, music and video work. We replied back that we would like to work together someday soon. ‘New Album’ is an album that has received various criticisms before, however, like Lauren, we also happen to love this album very much. Now, ten years later, we have asked Lauren to sing a new interpretation from it.”

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Auder added:

“I’ve been a long-time fan of Boris‘s work and ‘New Album’ has been particularly influential on my musical style. When this came up, Atsuo from the band proposed I take a shot at making a new version of the track. I was at the time working on my debut full length with my long-time co-writer Dviance and knowing how much he has also been inspired by Boris‘s work it only made sense for us to work on this one together. I’m extremely excited for this to have come together and hoping to continue this collaboration in the future.”

A new album from Boris titled “W” will be out on January 21st and find the band’s guitarist/vocalist Wata taking on all the lead vocal duties.

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