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Linkin Park Still Haven’t Worked Out The “Emotional And Creative Math” To Return


Four years on since the death of their frontman Chester Bennington, Linkin Park still have no plans to reunite anytime soon. The band’s vocalist, guitarist, etc. Mike Shinoda was recently asked about their collective headspace for a potential return while appearing on the Tuna on Toast with Stryker podcast.

Speaking about that, he offered:

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“For me, I’m like, okay physically I could still tour. That part’s good. Hopefully that doesn’t change any time soon. But now is not the time [for Linkin Park‘s return]. We don’t have the focus on it. We don’t have the math worked out. And I don’t mean that by financially math, I mean that like emotional and creative math.”

Shinoda has also ruled out the possibility of ever hitting the road with a hologram of Bennington as well, stating that the chances of that happening are “negative a million percent.” He continued, “I hate the idea of doing a Linkin Park hologram thing. It’s awful.”

[via Metal Hammer]

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