The Browning

The Browning Premiere Title Track For New Album “End Of Existence”


A new album from The Browning has been slated for a December 03rd release through Spinefarm Records. That effort has been christened “End Of Existence” and the track listing for it can be found below. Also available below is a stream of the title track, which has been launched as the first single from the record.

The band’s Johnny McBee took on all aspects of the album from writing and performing to production and mixing. He commented:

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“To me, the music sounded doomy, dystopian, and apocalyptic. The Browning has always had that tone, but it’s even more prevalent now. Early on, I knew I was going to write the heaviest Browning body of work there was. I needed a theme to fit the heaviness and darkness of the music though. Since I was really happy in my personal life, it had to have a fictional plot. For me, this was about creating a universe.”

End Of Existence” track listing:

01 – “End Of Existence
02 – “Destroyer
03 – “Anticendency
04 – “Gott ist Tot
05 – “Torment
06 – “Cataclysm
07 – “Rage
08 – “Chaos Reigns
09 – “No Man Can Become A God
10 – “Death Warp
11 – “Prophecy
12 – “Fearless

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