Act Of Denial

Hear Recent Musical Guest Appearances From Soilwork, Skindred, Silverstein, Beartooth, Etc. Members


The forced inactivity brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic has been a boon for musical cameos it seems as this week has seen no shortage of them. Below you can check out a number of guest appearances that were released over the past few days.

Soilwork vocalist Björn “Speed” Strid guested on Thor‘s new single, “Niflhel (Realm Of The Dead)“. That song will appear on Thor‘s 39th studio album, “Alliance“, out July 16th.

Skindred frontman Benji Webbe guests on the new Dirty Shirt track “Pretty Faces” alongside Caliu and Paul Ilea.

Silverstein vocalist Shane Told lends his talents to the new Capstan track “alone“. That song comes from Capstan‘s sophomore album “Separate“, out July 23rd on Fearless Records.

Beartooth guitarist Will Deely took on the guitar/vocal duties for Cotter‘s new track “Keep Driving“, while Starset‘s Adam Gilbert sat in on drums. That song was written in regards to a difficult panic attack suffered by Cotter‘s guitarist/vocalist Zach Lukkarila. He commented:

“In that post-anxiety period of derealization where reality doesn’t make any sense, I needed something to ground myself and hold onto. This song was a result of telling myself that I’ll be okay if I just keep pushing forward. ‘Keep Driving‘ is really just a metaphor for not giving up when things seem like they’re at their worst.”

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