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ten56. (Ex-Betraying The Martyrs, Etc.) Debut “Boy” Music Video


ten56., the new outfit fronted by ex-Betraying The Martyrs vocalist Aaron Matts, have released their second single “Boy“. A music video for the track has also been made available. Matts said of the song:

“‘Boy‘ is one of the tracks from the upcoming record that we feel really captures the dark headspace of the ten56. universe; we set out to write a song that was as unnerving and hectic as ‘Diazepam‘ but that also incorporates some of the elements that, as listeners will come to learn, makes the ten56. sound as unique as it is.

As is the case for many of our tracks, the lyrical content is taken from the most traumatizing moments of our personal lives; there’s nothing that could convince me to go into detail publicly about the original theme of this track, so we’ll just let the listener come to their own conclusion about ‘Boy‘.”

Speaking of the video for it, Matts added:

“As with the lyrical content, the theme of the music video for ‘Boy‘ is meant to plunge the audience into a state of discomfort, and to highlight the chaotic sound of ten56., the live performance experience is something that, given the current times, people will have to wait to discover, so we’re happy to have captured the intensity of a live performance, to be able to introduce the personalities that make up the band, and also to deliver the dark thematic of the song itself.

The music video shoot was two very intense days of hard work in the cold, we knew we wanted to work with the very talented Pavel Trebukhin, and we are incredibly happy with the result!”

Joining Matts in ten56. are guitarists Quentin Godet (Kadinja) and Luka Garotin (Earth Trip), bassist Nicolas Delestrade (Novelists FR) and drummer Arnaud Verrier (Uneven Structure).

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