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Fleshcrawl Vocalist Sven “Svenson” Gross Has Passed Away


Fleshcrawl have announced the passing of their vocalist Sven “Svenson” Gross. The 44-year-old died this past Friday, June 11th following a bout with cancer. The group’s drummer Bastian Herzog commented:

“it is hard to find the right words in situations like this one. Probably even impossible.
For me personally this really is a hard thing to get over…

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We knew each other for more than 25 years.

Haven’t been many days during this period where we did not spend time together talking, writing, discussing, partying, drinking, BBQ-ing, making plans, playing shows, rehearsing, travelling, waiting in countless backstages or whatever…

You gonna leave a big gap right here in my 🖤 which cannot be filled anymore…
Thank you for having been a real friend, one of the most precious human beings this planet had to offer and of course a really awesome and iconic frontman, band mate and hell of a vocalist of FC !
I truely enjoyed each and every second watching you go berserk on stage as a real warrior of death while I was beating the shit out of all those drumkits behind you !
Thank you for the great ride !

You always lived life to the max, keep on doing it whereever you are now !
We’ll rock on again together on the other side – someday.
And I’ll make sure to bring some Wasseralfinger 😋

My deepest condolences go out to Sven’s wife Dany and both of their families.

Basti (drums)

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