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KEN mode Release Instrumental Version Of “Loved”


KEN Mode have released an instrumental version of their latest studio album, 2018’s “Loved” via Bandcamp and other leading digital service providers. The band commented:

“Evidently bandcamp is switching up and not doing bandcamp friday for this month the way they normally do…we had a plan, and it’s still going ahead either way: we’re releasing an asset TODAY that we’ve been sitting on since 2018, one which we know might not be for everyone – but for those that will get something out of it, we figured it’s worth putting out there. We constructed a fully instrumental version of our ‘Loved‘ album when we did a mix/master of the album back when we made it, and today we’re releasing it to the world digitally.

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If you’ve ever wanted to do KEN mode karaoke, play along on guitar/bass/drums, or solo with another instrument over top without Jesse‘s stupid voice muddying everything up, or even just hate Jesse‘s voice so much that you’d much prefer this version, tomorrow is the time to check this out!

It feels strange watching the US excitedly begin opening everything up, while up in Canada, I’m literally sitting in the covid hot spot of North America, here in Winnipeg, where we’re not even allowed to rehearse.

Here’s hoping as many of you who read this as possible are vaccinated and are starting to be able to do the things you actually enjoy doing again.

This is all still just us trying to fundraise for the recording that is now supposed to happen in October. We’re presently working through a few more song ideas that are pushing us into the 70-75 minute territory, so at least the fall should be crazy, in theory. 2022 is going to be interesting for us, as we figure out the smartest way to release this miserable batch of songs.

We still have lots of t-shirts and vinyl available, so check that out on our page, or hit our international stores for more options:”

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